The End


1. The End

I'm shattered,

I'm in pieces.

Nothing can fix me,

I'm so broken.


I cry now,

Every minute and second.

I cut too,

Every day and night.


They don't understand me,

My pain,

My fears,

The reason for my tears.


I hide everything.

The scars from the battle,

Between my heart,

And my mind.


I won't tell anyone,

I can't.

They don't know,

How I feel inside.


Depression is all over me,

All over my mind,

I can't take it,

My heart can't.


Every move is another torture,

I don't have energy for anything,

It's like a nightmare,

And I can't wake up.


It's like a tornado,

I can't do anything but stand and watch,

And when it's over,

I'm left with the destruction.


Breathing is harder,

Smiling hurts,

Laughing hurts,

Living kills me slowly.


I feel empty,

I don't feel anything,

I stare at the ceiling,

And cry slowly.


The cold blade,

Reminds me I'm alive.

The sunshine,

Kills me with no doubts.


Blood is running out,

Tears are streaming down,

The end is soon,

Heartbetas can stop anytime.



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