Naturally (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

When Miley and her best friend Chloe, go see One Direction in concert, things change, and the tables turn. They both have tape on their mouth, sitting beside two others. In a car. What could be going on?! Not today! You hear someone speak from inside the concert, "We have to cancel, as Harry has gone missing." You think, maybe he's here. Next to us!


1. Teaser :*



"We need to go now!"

My boyfriend Kevin slapped me, picking me up from the floor at the end of my bed. I held me light pink cheek and follow Kevin into the lounge. 

"Because of you we are going to miss our flight!"

"Kevin, get out."

I've had enough of him! He's like one of those dads who abuse you everyday! Kevin looks at me with dark eyes, full or anger and stress. He comes near me, a little too close. I fall back onto the couch, and seconds later I'm on the floor.

"Listen Miley, if you want to get to Australia, you need to listen to me! Now get up or I'll kick you again!"

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" I snapped back at him.

I couldn't stand his nonsense, tears forming in my eyes. I sit back up on the couch as I watch Kevin walk out the door. Coming in one last time,

"We are through, bitch!"

I jumped up and pushed him out the door, never have I been called a bitch! I wait for Kevin to leave as I go into my bedroom, I grab my suitcase and leave.

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