The Big Surprise

First I'm going to say, that I'm Danish, and English therefore isn't my original language!
This is a English essay I made for the English term test for 9th grade(the last obligatory grade. When you go out of 9th grade, you can decide for yourself if you want to ''retake'' 9th grade and therefore start in 10th grade as a 15-17 years old).
(I took the test January 7th, 2013(I'm 15)
I got a 10 with an arrow up(B+) for this!
I only had a few mistakes(5 then/when fails and 1 was/were fail and 1 missing comma), which I've corrected.
And another thing is, to begin with the story was much longer, but because of the word limit in the description of the assignment I hat to cut it halfway though and make an abdrupt ending to the story, and thats why the last part goes so fast and has as few words as possible..
My teachers comment:
''Dear Ninna
- a nice essay in a good language. You only have a few minner mistakes - well done.
Then -> when


1. Welcome home

''Is it for real?'' asked Mark with a big surprised but happy face.

''Yes, it's for real,'' answered his mom whose name was Trisha. ''I just got home from the doctor.''

''Awesome!'' almost yelled Mark in the phone. ''I'm coming home right away!''

He was already on his way home, but now he ran the fastest he could with the thoughts that he was the happiest guy in the world. At the age of 13 he would finally not be an only-child anymore.

When he got home, his mother was only about to unlock the door to the apartment. Beside her was her boyfriend. That had been together for 3 years and had finally decided to get a child together. The boyfriend himself didn't have any children, so this was his first, so he was even more excited than the mother, and she was really excited about it, too.

''So when is it due?'' asked Mark as the first thing when they got indoor.

''September 19th,'' answered the boyfriend, whose name was Jack, and caressed the Trishas tummy.

''It it a boy or a girl?'' asked Mark and looked at his mothers tummy getting caressed by Jack.

''We don't know yet,'' answered the mom, ''but I hope it's a girl.''

''Me too!'' yelled Mark, ''it will be so awesome with a little sister I can protect.''

''Ha, yeah,'' Trisha laughed and said, ''I think you're going to be a good big brother, my son.''

''I think so too, Mark,'' John said, ''the baby is going to get the best big brother in the whole world.''

When ge got to school the next day, the only thing he could think about was that he soon would get a little sister or a little brother. In the breaks he couldn't stop talking about it, even though his friends long ago tried to change the topic. They both had two siblings which they thought was so annoying, so knowing that their friend would get a sibling too and was so excited about it was about to go on their nerves. They can't remember the excitement Mark is feeling because they're only one to two years apart in age with their siblings, so they were very young when they got them.

The days became weeks, and the weeks became months and soon Mark would see his new sibling for the first time. The summer vacation had just ended and it was the beginning of August.

The last month passed, and one week after Trisha was due, the baby came. And it turned out to be a girl, which they named Joy.

The 26th September 2009 was the best day in Marks, Trishas and Johns life.

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