darkness falls into love (zero love story)

Danielle had a happy life she loved her brother, mother and father that was until a vampire killed her mother and father but she never knew what happened to her brother. now she starts a new life but she's not the happy girl she use to be


1. new school

                                               flash back

"Danielle have you seen chad?" my mother  yelled at me from up the stairs. " no i haven't seen him" i said to her but then i knew something was out side. i ran to the door my mum calling my name but i didn't stop, when i opened the door there was a vampire with my brother right beside her. " CHAD GET AWAY FROM HER! i yelled at him but he didn't seem to listen to me. then before i knew it my family was dead all i could see was my brother and the vampire then i was knocked out

                                                 back flash over


" ah Danielle i have got a girl called yuuki to show you around" he said smiling but i just nodded. ever since that day i have changed, i'm not the happy little girl i use to be. i said to myself i will kill the vampire who killed my family and no one is going to get in my way. " you wanted to see me?" a girl who i think is yuki came though the door. " ah yes will you show Danielle around please" she nodded with a smile then shen waited for me to follow her. " oh Danielle come tomorrow because i need to talk to you about something" he said to me but i just nodded again then followed yuki. " hey i'm yuuki but i guess you already know that" she said smiling, you could hear the happy voice when she talked it reminded me of me when i was little but i'm not that girl anymore. " nice to meet you" I just said to her with no smile then we didn't say a word until we got to some houses which i guess it was where i were going to be staying. " this is your room" yuuki said to me with another smile but i didn't say anything i just looked out the window to see a big school type house thing but the only thing was i could feel there was vampires in that place. " ah i guess your looking at the dorms. well the night class is in there" she said to me but i just looked at her. " really? but wouldn't they be vampires if they are in a night class?" i asked her to see she didn't say a word. i guess i went a little too far. " w-what n-no there's no vampires here" yuuki said trying to get out her words. " alright then i won't say anymore" i heard a sigh from yuuki i'm guessing she didn't want me to tell anyone. " we should go to our school" yuuki said to me but i just nodded. then we walked to school. once we got there i sat beside yuuki but didn't say anything to anyone but once the teacher came into the class room i had to say a little about myself " i'm Danielle and thats all you need to know of me" i said coldly then sat back down on my seat. " well...right...ok Danielle you will sit beside zero tomorrow" the teacher said to me but i just nodded. then sat back on my seat to see yuuki was smiling at me i smiled at her a little then we got back to work.


                                                      class over


once class was over me and yuuki went back to our dorms but the only thin was i had nothing to do. i looked in my backpack looking for my saxaphone once i found it i started to play until night time but of course i got board. i put my saxaphone on my bed then went out of my door, i walked to yuuki's room to see she wasn't there. i didn't really think anything about it because some people like a walk or something just like me. i walked out side of the dorms to smell vampires that was when i thought something was wrong i ran to where the smell was coming from to find two vampires one had blond hair and sucking on yuuki's hand and the other one was just watching. i was about to kill him but zero got to me first he shoot his blooldy rose but the vampire sucking yuuki's hand move out of the way then anothervampire with dark brown hair was telling them to go back to their dorm. i could see them all talking and zero pulling yuuki away...i guess they don't like each other. i started to walk away thinking no one heard me or seen me that was until i bumped into someone, i looked up to see....


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