New Movellians Top Rated

Here to give the movellas with less viewers a chance and for everyone to find new movellas to read. I'll be looking at movellas from the group "New Movellians." Or... Nominations from the comments. I can start a rate system. 1 star to 5 star. You can nominate yourself, I honestly don't mind. I hope you enjoy the movellas in this movella. I'll try to upload as much as I can.

Any genres are welcome. Romance, Fanfictions, Fantasy, Poems etc.

*Recruiting co-authors for this movella

The point in which I write this movella is not only for the benefit of the featured movellas but also writers can see other's stories and how they can improve on theirs. Sometimes I point out the same thing on different movellas because I believe they can both improve in the same... sense. So I hope reading this movella will help improve your writing. :)


1. Hello There! Co-authors needed.

Hey! My name is Kelly and I decided to write this movella because there are so many amazing and creative movellas on here that are pretty much unknown. I want to try to uncover them. :) I know there are a lot of movellas out there like this, but I wanted to write one that I could give constructive criticism on it and at the same time tell people about it. I'll also rate it. :)

It doesn't matter what genre it is. Romance, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Humour, Diary, etc.

It's called New Movellians Top Rated because I'm choosing movellas from the group "New Movellians" and I'm choosing books from the comments. You can nominate yourself :)

I'm also looking for co-authors for this movella because I don't want the review to be biased just by my opinion.

If you're interested... email me with the following form:

First Name: 

Movellas Username:

# of Fans:

Favourite genre:

# Books favourited on Movellas:

Any other websites you write on:

Your favourite Movella:

Your top priority Movella written by yourself:

Favourite Movellian:

How many days a week do you spend on this website:

How long have you been a member of Movellas:


I'll do the first few movellas by myself because I've got to have time to pick the co-authors. I'm not sure how many I need but we'll see. I'll also review the movella that you wrote. :) Enjoy!

January 10, 2012 @ 11:26pm

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