Gotta Be You (A Louis Tomlinson Fan fiction) FINISHED

Marley has been with her bf for 2 years and never notice someone who she was meant to be with. Read more to find out.. :)


1. Chapter 1


Marley’s P.O.V I’m standing in front of class, trying to present my project, when all of a sudden I feel the sudden urge to vomit. I can feel lunch coming back up. I run out of class towards the restrooms as fast as I can before I vomit in the hallway. Banging the door wide open I scare two girls who were about to walk out. Making it to the toilet, I vomit. I can smell the horrible stench of lunch mixed with toilet smell and it makes me vomit even more. I knew that today wasn’t going to be a good day. My best friend Rosa ran in about five minutes after me saying “Are you okay Marley?” “Yes…a little” I reply trying to get her to leave me to my thoughts. “Would you like me to call the nurse for you?” “Would you please?” I hear the bathroom door open and close shut. I pulled out my phone and text my boyfriend…

Me: meet me after school we need to talk.

Andy: are you okay? what’s wrong?

Me: just meet me after school I want you to go somewhere with me

Andy: okay babe. I love you

Me: love you too

Andy’s P.O.V I’m sitting in study hall when out of the blue I get a text from Marley…

Marley: meet me after school we need to talk.

Me: are you okay? what’s wrong?

Marley: just meet me after school I want you to go somewhere with me

Me: okay babe. I love you

Marley: love you too

Where exactly could we be going? I knew from this point on things could only be getting worse. Could it be she wants to break up? Do I even love Marley the way I did when we first met and started dating?

Marley’s P.O.V After about ten minutes passing Rosa and the nurse finally walked in. “Marley, Rosa says you’re not feeling well?” “Yes that’s true” I say with a moan. “Are you able to walk at all?” “Somewhat?” I said in a sad distinct voice. “Follow me to the office so we can check your temperature. Rosa you may go back to class.” All three of us walk out. Rosa hugs me and says “I hope you’re okay.” I think to myself ‘me too!’ We start walking to the office. As I walk behind the nurse looking at the ground I start getting light headed and dizzy so I put my hand up to my head. All of a sudden my legs grow weak. Almost hitting the floor I hear someone running to catch me. It was a very good looking boy. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They were bluish grey and made me feel like I could do anything. His hair was a dark shade of brown and he had a million dollar smile. “Are you okay love?” All I could think of was his accent. “I’m fine. Thank you for catching me.” “You’re welcome sweetheart. Can you stand at all?” “Yes.” I stood up for a while then almost fell again. He caught me for the second time. “Thanks again…I’m sorry what’s your name?” I asked looking into his eyes. “I thought you would know after all we do have study hall together…” He said with a laugh. How could I not know him? “I’m Louis Tomlinson.” He did look familiar though. “Nice to meet you Louis. I’m M-“ He cut me off “Marley Johnson. I know.” He said with a smile. He picked me up like any prince would do to a princess and carried me all the way to the nurse’s office. When we walked in the nurse said “Marley what took you so long?” Louis answered for me “Marley was walking behind you but I saw she was about to fall and hit the ground so I caught her and was talking to her for a couple of minutes. I’m sorry.” After apologizing to the nurse he laid me on the bed in the office and the nurse said “Thank you for your help Mr. Tomlinson. You may go back to class.” He turned to the nurse and nodded then looked back at me and said “Well Marley I hope you get better soon. See you tomorrow.” Then winked and walked away.

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