Run away

Emily finally does it. She ran away from her abusive dad. Once she meets NIALL, her whole world changes


1. I was gonna do it.

A fanfic I was going to do it. I was finally going to do it. I was going to run away. "GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" I heard my dad yell. He would beat me every day. I came down stairs and sat on the couch. He had a knife in his hand. Oh no. " GOD EMILY.WHEN I TELL YOU TO DO SOMETHING YOU BETTER DO IT." I hated Dan. That was his name. I refuse to call him dad. He doesn't act like one. I heard the door bell ring. "Stay here." He said putting the knife in his pocket. He opened the door and started to talk to someone. I ran upstairs to my room. I got a bag I had already packed. It had clothes in it And some pocket money from my mum. "EMILY!" He yelled. I had already started to climb down a grape vine. I fell at the end. Oww. My ankle hurts so bad. Get up Em! This is your only chance. I made myself get up and I ran as fast as I could. He was still following me. I ran into an alley way and he couldn't see me cause he was round the corner. I rand into someone's garden and hid in a big bush. Would Dan find me? Please god please. I heard him yell and run down another street. I carefully got up and ran to the park. My mum was one of the founders of the 'secret park.' I sat on a bench and sat my bag down. I got out my notebook. I heard footsteps coming this way. I slowly walked by a swing set. It wasn't Dan, it was some cute blonde boy. He looked familiar. Niall POV "I don't bite. Trust me." I said. "I don't either." She said getting closer to him. "What's your name?" I asked her. "Emily." She imeadetly responded. "That's a beautiful name. " I said. Emily PoV. "Thanks. Yours?" I asked. "Niall. Niall Horan." He said hugging me. "Oh." I said. He laughed. "Wait how'd you even know about this place anyways?" I asked him sitting down on the bench with my stuff. "My mum was a founder." He said. "Ooh. Cool. So was my mum." I replied. "Nice!" He said. "So why are you here?" He asked sitting by me. "Long story. Well long story short, I ran away." I said looking down. "Oh well come on," he said getting up. "What?" I asked. "I'm not letting you sleep on a bench." He said. "But-" "lets go." He grabbed my bag and we started to walk to wherever he was going. "Owww" I moaned standing. "What's wrong love?" He asked. "Oh it's just my ankle hurts really bad. I think I sprained it." I quickly said. He just picked me up bridal style and started to walk. We finally arrived to a tour bus. It said 'One Direction' one it. Hmp. "Wow. Your strong. " I said to Niall. "Why?" He laughed. "You just carried me for 30 minutes straight." I giggled. "Well, imma call my mum and tell her you are stayin with us." He said pulling out his phone. He talked and hung up. "Ok. Ready to meet the boys?" He asked me. "Umm what boys?" I replied. He just laughed. He carried me into a tour bus and dropped me off on a couch. "Boys, this is Emily. " He said. There were four boys sitting their. One looked like a bad boy. He had a swoopy hair cut, one looked funny, considering he was holding a plastic pigeon, one kinda reminded me of my old friend, Harry. He had the same curls and everything. Then a boy that looked more mature than the others. He had a buzz cut and was writing something down.

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