how to be anoying

got really bored.


1. at a cinima


Join the queue for the tickets then scream that it is too long and threaten to sue the company.

Leo joined the queue for the movie until he was half way to the desk he then collapsed to the floor and howled 'I can't take it the walls….. Are closing in cant breath (gasp)' then shouted 'MURDERS' before collapsing on the floor dramatically.

Point at the person it front of you in the cinema and shout 'stop the film they have a gun!'

The film was about half way through when Leo stood up and screamed at the top of his voice 'stop the film this man has a gun!'

'Nooooooo how did you find out?' sobbed her victim before running out the door

Uuuummmmmm this is awkward thought Leo.

Shout at random people who are whispering in the cinema.

15 minutes had past without anyone talking and Leo was getting worried that her latest prank wouldn't work after all but then finally a group of people behind him started whispering.

'Just what do you think you are doing?' he demanded jumping up and walking over the chairs to face the group. 'Some of us are trying to enjoy the film here and don't want your type shouting the place down!' he said- shouting the place down.

'Uuuuhhhh sir please could you calmly return to your seat?'

'NO STOP TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!' he screamed and broke into sobs as he ran away.

Walk up to the food and annoy everyone by taking ages.

'Hello and what do you want today?' the person behind the counter frowned at the suspicions looking boy.

' oh me' he said sounding surprised ' well as long as you're asking I'll have a large popcorn no wait make it a small popcorn oh diets are so annoying aren't they but anyway I'm getting side tracked I will have 50 bags of skittles and 60 of those twirl bites things you know the ones it the purple rapper? I don't like green it's such an annoying colour don't you think?'

'Yes but…'

'Don't make fun of my favourite colour sobbed Leo.'

'… You do know you have to pay?

'I do? You people disgust me!' shrieked Leo as he stormed off.

Shout at the movie whilst it is going on.

'Noooooo please don't let the bunny's take over the elves world!' shouted Leo

'Leo this movie isn't about bunnies or elves' said Annabeth.

'No but the on in my head is.' Said Leo darkly.

'Percy we are going.'

'Ow ow ow ok' moaned Percy as he was dragged from the cinema 'thanks a lot Leo!'

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