District 9 and 3/4

Harry just got a bit mixed up with magic. He followed his daily routine by plunging himself through the wall and appearing at platform 9 3/4 but instead of seeing himself on the platform with the Hogwarts train whistling in the background, he finds himself surrounded by a forest and meets two new people who might not know about wizards from Hogwarts.

Entry for Crossover Competition :)


2. An Unusual Greeting

"Hey Peeta, I hope your up! Got some food that I found in the-"

A brunette girl came sliding down the grassy slope and stopped in mid sentence to see me, someone who she wasn't expecting. I looked to my right to see a sleepy head with blonde, shaggy hair come out of a pile of blankets. As I looked back at the girl I ducked just in time to see an arrow whiz past me and hit the hard rock. The girl wasn't standing holding the bag of food anymore but instead holding a bow and arrow in position ready to take another shot.

"No no no no!" I pleaded.

She gave a sneer to her friend lying in the blankets and walked even closer to me with the arrow still ready for a shot. She came right up to me so I could feel the arrow point on my hair.

"Who are you? I don't recognise you from the districts!" She said. I didn't know what she was talking about, what are these districts?

"I'm not from a district, I'm looking for Hogwarts." I said, my face once again getting sweaty but this time it was because a sharp arrow was 1cm away from killing me. She took another look to her friend and chuckled to herself but also looked confused.

"Peeta, come over here. This boy says he's not from a district, I don't recognise him from one." The boy obeyed the girl and walked over to me.

"Yeah well I don't recognise him either. But how has he got here?" The boy asked.

"Maybe he's from the Capitol..."

"No way! He doesn't look Capitol material and anyway what would a Capitol citizen be seen here!? They wouldn't even be seen DEAD here! They control our lives remeber Katniss!" The boy sat down next to me and covered his face with his hands. The girl lowered her bow and arrow and sighed, she then held out her hand.

"I guess we're gunna be stuck with you for a while so I might as well introduce myself. I'm Katniss and this is Peeta." Katniss said. I shook her hand and she sat down next to me. I sniggered at the name 'Katniss', was this a joke?

"What's your name?" She asked me.

"Harry. Harry Potter." I replied. I regreted giving her my name incase she was some sort of death eater in a wierd disguise, but I highly doubted it was. Who were these people and why were they here! I thought about asking these people about this place and why they were here but Peeta started talking, inturupting my chain of thought.

"So, what are you doing here Harry?" Peeta asked me. I didn't really know what to say, even I didn't know what I was doing here!

"Well, I was...well this may seem strange but I get to my school by..um...jumping through a wall." I waited for a laugh that would break out maybe even a reply but nothing was said from Peeta and Katniss. I looked up to see thier confused faces, I would probably have to explain...

"I'm a wizard." I said, uneasy about telling these strangers but nothing would be as alarming than jumping through a wall. Peeta looked at me and studied my face.

"I don't think he's one of us Katniss." He said to her. She agreed by nodding her head.

"You see Harry, we aren't wizards, we are just normal people fighting for our lives. We live in districts, our district is the 12th one. Every year we gather at the reaping and one girl and one boy are chosen from each district to fight against everyone else. Only one person wins by killing everyone." Katniss said.

"But you guys are friends right?" I asked them. Katniss and Peeta nodded although Katniss looked a bit unsure.

"But only one of you has to win." I asked them again, curious about what they were going to do as one of them had to die. Thye both shrugged and continued to look sad.

"So where's my place in this?" I questioned. Katniss gave Peeta a worrying look.

"Well Harry, I don't know how the Gamemakers will deal with this but I only have one thing to say..." Katniss continued,

"Welcome to the Hunger Games."

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