District 9 and 3/4

Harry just got a bit mixed up with magic. He followed his daily routine by plunging himself through the wall and appearing at platform 9 3/4 but instead of seeing himself on the platform with the Hogwarts train whistling in the background, he finds himself surrounded by a forest and meets two new people who might not know about wizards from Hogwarts.

Entry for Crossover Competition :)


1. Platform....?

Hi, I'm Harry. Most of you may know me as Harry Potter and yeah, that's my scar, that's why I'm trying to grow my hair to the scar isn't so easy to see. Now, most of you know that I used to go to Hogwarts and by going there, you have to jump..through a wall. Yeah I know it sounds wierd but we're wizards you see, so anyway I was making my way to the wall and I looked up above to see the black number 9.

I closed my eyes as I ran through, I never have got used to the whole dissapearing through a wall thing so I have always closed my eyes. As I felt myself appear on the other side, it was silent, too quiet for my liking. Where was the whistling of the trains, where was the chatter of my fellow wizards, where was the sense of magic?

I took a step forward, my eyes still closed and felt not the hard stone platform floor but a sqaushy soft feeling on my feet. I reluctantly opened my eyes and saw trees around me. My head whizzed round the surroundings trying to see a way out of this strange place. I had no idea what was going on! Is this some sort of practical joke that Hogwarts made? I then expected to see Ron or Hermione run up to me and we would all laugh about the clever trick and then we would return to the train station but no, no one was here. I took off my glasses and cleaned them with my jumper, my face was getting sweaty just thinking about the problem I'm in. I put my glasses back on and tried to find a place that I could hide and try to sort things out. I searched the forest and I saw the ground sloping down, I shuffled over there to see if it was a cave or something like that and it was an ideal hiding place!

The entrance to the cave was low but the roof got higher as you went in, it was perfect. I sat down in the cave and tried to clear my mind, the cave wasn't as damp as I was expecting which was a good thing but there was something unusual about this particular forest. Ron or Hermione wouldn't have ever got into a mess like this! Well...maybe Ron would've but Hermione would never get into a problem like this. My eyes were scanning the cave when suddenly I saw a pile of what looked like clothes on the other side of the cave. I wasn't sure wether to see what it was or to just mind my own buisness.

I decided to leave it and just carry on hiding, unfortunatley my hiding didn't last for very long as big clumpy footsteps came down the slope into my cave.

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