Inseparable or so they thought

When Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis find them selves fighting over their bestfriend Megan their friendship takes a turn for the worst, they dont want anything to do with each other but when Megan goes missing the boys are worried can they pull together to find Megan and resolve things?


5. The Truth to Molliee

Molliee's P.O.V.
The boys were now in the corner about a metre and a half away, they were in the own conversation, I turned to look round at Meg her head hung over look at the ground and I could see the tears falling down her cheeks.
"Meg's whats up?" I asked knowing she was trying to putt of telling me.
"It's Rob" She said raising her head, the tears came straming down her face and  my heart began to ache, I pulled her into a hug. I could just about see out of the corner of my eye that the boys had stopped to look over at us with an expression that they were really worried. They all loved Meg to bits and I mean loved not as a friend but more than a friend but Meg didnt know it.
Megan's P.O.V.
I began explaining  to Molliee what had happened "He damanded for more beer, but I said he didnt it and he allready had some. He slapped my face and I fell to the floor." I was trying to hold my ice cold tears back but I couldnt. "I was layed on the floor motionless and he kicked me in my side really hard, sudden pains shot all around my body I could barely move". I was still in the hug at this point and I could feel Mollieeb hugging me tighter and tighter each time I told her a little more. "So I ran away" I explained. I began lifting up my top revealing several bruises and scarrs from where Rob had abused me. A look of teroor and anger appeared on Molliee's face.
"Oh Megs"She cried, "why didnt you tell me sooner?"
"Im so sorry I lied to you this morning Mol, I didnt mean it, I just didnt want my problems to become your problem and that holdal.." I was cut off.
"Yes I know it has your clothes in it and dont worry Megs we will sort something out, you can stay at mine, your more than welcome"Molliee reassured me.
I pulled out of the hug and she wipped the tears away from my eyes. I amiled at her a little. I made a little hand gesture for the boys to come over and I gave Molliee a look as if to say Please dont tell them. She knew what I ment and smiled back. I was glad I told Molliee.

Harry's P.O.V.
Meg made a hand signal in the drection of where we were all stood telling us to come back over, she was clearly upset, I hated when she got upset, it made me hurt, I wanted her bad but I knew I couldnt have her. We walked over to where Meg and Molliee were stood and we all gathered round. "You allright Megs" I asked a little concered.
"Yeah Im fine thanks Hazza" She replied a little smled appeared. She seemeed a little happier than earlier. I was glad. At that the bell rang for 1st lesson me, Meg,Mollie and Niall all headed for English while Zayn,Louis and Liam headed for Maths. I was dying to know what was wrong with Meg but I didnt want to force her to tell me, maybe I could ask Molliee later when no-ones around.

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