Inseparable or so they thought

When Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis find them selves fighting over their bestfriend Megan their friendship takes a turn for the worst, they dont want anything to do with each other but when Megan goes missing the boys are worried can they pull together to find Megan and resolve things?


4. The pressure

Megan's P.O.V.
As we approached the school gates, I could allready tell this day was going to drag on. I walked in with my head down slowly followed by Holliee, Harry and Niall.  I continued to walk until I reached my locker. I opened it throwing the holdal inside hoping no one would see. 
"Hey Meg's what's up"I heard, I turned around to see Louis walking or should i say strutting towards me with his arms wide open.
"Hey Lou" I replied barely making eye contact.
"No hug today then"He questioned, I would usually hug them but today I felt like breaking down any moment.
"S s-sorry Lou" I stuttered
"It's allright, just at least smile" He replied lifting my chin up. Niall, Holliee and Harry were comingg and I decided I needed to talk to them but not all of them just Holliee and they I would tell the others.

Louis's P.O.V.
Something was wrong with Megs today she was her usual cheerful self, but she was still as gorgeous as ever. I like her not just as a friend but more than a friend, I wanted to tell her but there was one problem, the other boys, you see they all like her too and we couldnt all have her. I decided I needed to find out what was wrong with my best friend, I  hated the fact she was sad, it made us all sad.

Megan's P.O.V.
I was going to tell my friends they needed to know, maybe they could help me. I was stood at my locker with Niall,Holliee,Harry and Louis when Zayn and Liam came over. I just knew this would be the opportunity to tell them the truth, I allready felt bad about lying this morning.
"Hey Meg" Liam and Zayn said when they finally reached my locker. I didnt reply I could feel the tears filling up in my eyes. Tears began to stream down my cheeks. Pain started rushing on my sides where Rob had kicked and bruised me. I didnt know what to do. I could feel 6 pairs of eyes staring at me worried but I didnt look up I couldnt face them.

Molliee's P.O.V.
Megan began to cry the tears were streeaming down her gorgeous face and she began clutching her side. I knew something wasnt right.
"Boys do you mind if me and Meg have a minute alone please?" I asked. They didnt answer just nodded their heads and began to walk away.

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