More Than This

Vanessa is an average American teenage girl With high hopes of making it big someday. Ever since Vanessa was 2 she wanted to become a professional singer. She will do anything to make her dream come true. Now that she is 18 and her and her friends stumble upon something that will connect her with the boys. Will it change her life? Will she fall for 1 of them maybe even 2?


1. Introduction.

I woke up to the sound in my bedroom of One Direction. Every night I play there ablums to get to sleep or I freak out if I can't listen to them. My name is Vanessa. I'm 18 and I have curly brown hair brown eyes and tan skin. i'm really nice and crazy sometimes.I am American,I love to play sports. My favorite color is purple and I have am really insecure. My friends always say I'm pretty but I don't listen. I am really good at singing and dancing. I always wanted to just go on The X Factor or like American Idol. I was going to a couple years ago but I chickend out. People say I sound like Christina Agulara and Perrie Edwards. My parents are divorced but my dad got remarried so we have a really big family with 5 boys and 2 girls. My mom is happy and stuff but her and I always argue a lot for stupid reasons. I love my step mom she so nice ans supportive. Well enough about them. So when I wake up it's the usual routine. It's Saturday so I took a shower and I put on my hollister skinny jeans, a hoodie and some uggs cause it's winter here and it gets COLD. Ugh I have lived here my whole life and I hate it. It's so boring here. I want to move out and presue my dream and live in New York City or London. I live in a small town so obviously evryone stays here and grows old. But not me. My life here is boring but I have great friends and we have fun together and stuff. I got downstaris to see me dad making omlets (he a GREAT cook) "Hey, Nat!" He said." Hey dad" "So whattya doin today?" I'm going to the mall later if that's okay", "Alright have fun, be smart". He always says that so I make good choices. Go on my laptop and cheack my Facebook and Twitter. Nothing.

"HEY NESSA!" My 13 year old brother Jake said.
"Holy Crap! You scared me" I said with a laugh.
" So I heard your going to the mall"
"Yup do you need something?"
"Yes actually I need a new video game"
" But you have like 25!"
"Ye I know but this one is awesome!"
"Fine but I'm not paying for it so before I leave give me some money"
"Okay" After he left I put on my dance clothes. I have danced since I was 3. I love it. It just helps me deal with problems and stuff. When my parents bought the house it came with a little dance studio. It's small but big enough to have a lot of people in it. After like 30 minutes I got a text from my best friend Nikki.

Text: Heyyy:)! Guess what? They have those 1D iPhone cases for SALE!
I texted back.
Me: Sweet! I can finally have a new one with Zayn on it!:)))
Nikki and I have been friends since 7th grade. It was a really hard time for me. My elementary school friends treated me like crap and I let them. When I talked to her she was super nice and funny. In my little gang there is.....
Nikki: Nice and crazy. Favorite One Direction member Louis, she had medium straight length blonde hair with really nice blue eyes.
Bailey: Flirty and outgoing. Favorite One Direction member Niall, she has medium curly blonde hair with nice green eyes.
Abby: Sweet and Sensitive. Favorite One Direction member Liam, she has medium length blonde hair with brown lowlights with nice blue eyes.
Then there is Me: Feisty and Funny. Favorite One Direction member Zayn. I have curly long brown hair with carmel/golden highlights and very dark brown eyes.
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