Love is Love - no matter how old or how young, no matter what gender either. And when Demi Sely gets to meet her dream guy, will he like her to. This story is about a love that is just dependent on trust and mateship, will it last or fall to peices...


1. Intro

I look in the mirror and see a fatter version of myself than i want to see. 'sigh'. Man this day is probably going to be exacly the same as yesterday... Boring teachers, annoying peers and me and my friends will probably just talk all lunch. Im a average 14 yr old girl. Blonde straight hair, pretty short as well. "bye hunny" mum said yelling from the top level of the house. I jumped into the car, dad in the front seat. "so where are we going to?" dad joked, hes really not that funny. "not funny dad, lets go to school!" i said a bit annoyed. "whats up with you?" he said, "just drive" i replied. I just had alot on my mind. So i walked into school went to english, didnt listen, went to math didnt listen then i went to art, i love art and i want to be a designer when im older. So it soon became lunch and I felt like a change so i sat with the 'cool kids'.

I went to sit next to this person who's pretty cute at my school, but he started kissing his girlfriend next to him so i decided no. I tried pretty much everywhere on the table, but i think destiny told me no aswell. So my day was pretty much boring except one thing, i absoloutely love one direction and there was a stall at school selling 1D tickets so i went over. $100... fine. so i bought one, im on the floor seat. Then the girl said to me, "you know thats tonight right?" she said. "ohh thats ok.." then i walked away. I waited for about ten minutes for dad to come. "hay dad, can i go to one direction tonight?" i said with puppy eyes.

I was home really upset because dad said no. He said he didnt want me to go alone, so oviously i am going to sneak out the window and bike ride there. It might take 15 minutes to ride. Now what to wear... ok, im wearing a black high low hem skirt, with a gold belt,a gold crop top and a gold high heels. I hopped out the window and on my bike.

Yeah.. it took half an hour to get there, Woops!


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