Summer Love

Zayn and Brooke fall in love at summer camp. Then at the end of summer when they go their separate ways we will out was this real love or just a summer fling?......Sorry im not good with summaries but the story will be better


3. Most beautiful girl I've ever seen

Brooke's POV

When I arrivied at camp it was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. Everywhere you looked there were kids playing their guitars, drums and so many more. I walked over to a group of girls and sat down hoping to join in their conversation. 

" Hi, My name is Brooke." I said to the group of girls.

The girls jsut turned their noses up at me like i was not good enough for them. So, i just went and sat by myself on a bench next to the mess hall.

Zayn's POV

When I pulled up to the camp I was swarmed by fans but, the only thign i could see was the most beautiful girl sitting alone. So when all the fans went away i went to sit by her for 2 reasons. One she was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen and two no one deserved to be alone at summer camp.

"Hi, my name is Zayn" i say to her not knowing her name yet.

"Hi. Im Brooke" she replied.

" Why are you sitting over here all alone?" I asked.

" Because people here just havent been to nice to me." She replied.

" well then they dont deserve you" I said to her.

After I said that to her i saw her blush and then smile at the ground. I couldnt believe I just met this girl and i was already falling for her.

Brooke's POV

I saw a car pull knowing it must be the celebrity guest but i didnt really care anymore. Now all I could see was a swarm of people around the dodge challenger. Once everyone started going back to their own buisness i could see who this celebrity was. It was Zayn from One Direction. I loved One Direction but I didnt want to seem like some crazy fan girl so i just stayed where i was. 

Was he walking over here? He couldnt be he was Zayn Malik why would he want to come talk to me. He sat down right next to me. On the inside i was fangirling like crazy but on the outside i looked very calm.

"Hi, my name is Zayn." he said to me as if I didnt already know. 

" Hi, Im Brooke." I said trying to keep calm.

" why are you sitting over here all alone" he said to me. I wasnt sure if i should tell him about the group of girls. I decided not to and just go with something more vague.

" Because people here jsut havent been to nice to me." I replied

" well then they dont deserve you" He said making my cheeks turn red. No one had ever said anything that nice to me before. I just met him and I was already falling for him.


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