How many more lies?

Anika is a major fan of a British boy band called One Direction. When she goes to a concert does her favourite member of the boy band fall for her? If so, will there be many lies to keep them together but in all reality, they didn't need to lie in the first place? What happens when he makes a mistake and she finds out? Will it be the end of Anika's cinderella story? Read to find out


1. Waking up to hell

Anika's POV

I woke up to the sound of my parents arguing again. Great! Another day in hell. Whenever they fight, they always blame it on me! I heard footsteps coming up to my door and within seconds my door burst open and in came the devils!

" YOU, YOU DID THIS TO US! GET UP! YOUR CLEANING THE HOUSE TODAY WHILE WE GO TO THE BAR!" my dad yelled at me. This is normal! My dad abuses me physically and my mother, mentally. I got out of bed and ran downstairs and ran to the cleaning closet. I opened it and started cleaning the floor with the tooth brush. It's either the tooth brush or my mouth so take what I can get! My parents leave so I decide to go get dressed. I walk up the stairs and into my bedroom. I change into yoga pants and a One Direction T-Shirt. One Direction are the ones who keep me grounded. They saved my life so many times I don't know we're I would be without them! I walk into my bathroom connected to my bedroom and clean my face. I'm only 11 year old and I've been living this way for about 7 years now. I've cut my arms for the past three years because that's when it when it started getting worse. My parents started abusing my when I was nine and since then it just keeps getting worse! I still go to school and in play on the school basketball team and everyone is always saying I'm the best player yet my parents haven't been to one of my games!
I clean my face and site down on the floor with my special blade.
" here we go again!" I say to myself as I slide the blade across my skin.
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