How many more lies?

Anika is a major fan of a British boy band called One Direction. When she goes to a concert does her favourite member of the boy band fall for her? If so, will there be many lies to keep them together but in all reality, they didn't need to lie in the first place? What happens when he makes a mistake and she finds out? Will it be the end of Anika's cinderella story? Read to find out


2. A day cleaning, with some surprises!

Anika's POV

When I was done cleaning up the red blood from the bathroom floor and bandaged up my cuts, I walked out of my room and down the stairs. Now to start cleaning. Most people would eat something but my mom called me fat so many times I started believing her! I guess I am kinda fat! I weight 125 pounds so why eat and get bigger than not eat and get smaller? I cleaned the floors then cleaned the kitchen, and the living room, and the dinning room, now it's time for the upstairs! Oh great!

I started in my room, cleaning all my close off the ground and doing a load of laundry, then I dusted my book shelf then I dusted my desk. My desk had my homework and my laptop on it. As I passed through with the duster, my laptop started buzzing. I was getting a Skype call! I opened my laptop and saw it was my cousin Summer calling me. Me and her are best friends! I tell her about my parents and she told me to run away but where would I go? If I go to her house that's the first place they will look for me!

I answered her call and she popped up on my computer screen.

" hey! What are you doin? Did the devils make you clean again?" She asked

" yeah! I cleaned all downstairs and I'm almost done my room so I'm almost done!" I replied

" did he touch you at all since we last talked?" She asked. I knew who she was talking about, my dad.

" yea, last night. He pushed me into a wall and punched me in the stomach till I through up" I said. She gave me a sad face but it brightened up when she said

" I have a surprise for you!"

" what? What? What? What? What?"

" I got One Direction tickets!!!!"

" OMG! When is it? I can't wa- I can't go." I said sadly

" what? Why?"

"Have you met my parents? They don't even let me go to the mall!" I yelled but I felt kinda bad!

" oh yea! Well now is your time to go, be free!"

" what are you getting at Summer?" She always has the best plans!

" I mean, how much money do you have saved?"

" about 1,000 or so?"

" sneak out and go to the concert, then rent a hotel room or an apartment!"

" OMG! Summer, you are a geniuses! Except for the fact that I'm only 11!"

"Oh yea! Ummm, oh I know! Go live with Darcy!" Darcy is a really good friend of mine but she's 19.

" yea,that's a great idea! But I don't have her number!"

" but you know where she lives! Go to her apartment early in the morning and I'm sure if you explains everything to her, she will let you stay!"

" yea! Okay! So, when is the concert?"

" we'll today is the 11 of January and its tomorrow so it's on yours and Zayns birthday!

" yea it is! I'll talk to you tomorrow, I half to go clean the rest of the house! Love ya!"

" bye, love you two!"

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day! Sneaking out, going to a One Direction concert and going to live with my friend Darcy!! I can't wait! Especially to be able to leave the devil's!

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