My Melbourne Sweet Heart


Ellie and Eleanor (NOT Eleanor Calder!!!) are on a plane to pick up their cousin Sara at the airport in Darwin, Australia for her to stay with them for a while but what happens when they get on a flight that has Beau, Jai and Luke Brooks on the flight while Beau is doing a dare (Sing on a plane Dare or Dare 2)
When they land they keep seeing Luke and Beau around the town of Melbourne is it fate or is it coincidence?
Luke and Beau take an immediate interest in the sisters, but then again you can't have whats not yours.


1. The Flight

-Ellie's POV-

Me and Eleanor were joking around on the plane when a boy stands up and I was shocked at what he does he sings.... Loud.
"I'm gunna take you for a ride on my big jet plane!" He sings me and Eleanor giggle he looks down at us and half smiles and keeps singing. I nudge Eleanor
"Maybe he's your age" I say winking at her she smiles but shakes her head
"I probably won't even see him after the flight" she says disappointed
"You never know fate works in mysterious ways...." I said that's when the most beautiful boy I've ever seen stands up
"Come on sit down Beau" his voice like velvet, Beau that's the guys name smirks
"Alright Luke don't get your panties in a twist" he says Luke.... Nice name.
"Maybe he's your age" Eleanor says
"El you know I'm with Bentley-" she cuts me off
"Let him go already!" She doesn't mean tone loud but she is and we gain stares from people and the two boys turn around and look at us but another one pops up Luke's twin I'm guessing, we sink down in our chairs. After everything went back to normal El starts the argument again.
"Seriously Ellie everyone knows he's cheated on you so many times" she says
"I trust what he said to me" I said
"Ellie he said he wasn't cheating on you and you didn't even ask for proof" she says
"Just let it go El"
"Fuck that!" She said loudly again I looked sound as I was in the chair by the ally the old couple beside us stared in dis belief girls were talking like this, I glanced up and saw the boys glancing back at us again I quickly looked away
"Just stop being a bitch about it then!" I said loudly not for attention but Eleanor was really starting to piss me off.
"Your being the hopeless dumb bitch dating a cheater!" She yelled
"Your really starting to fucking piss me off, just leave my love life out of it!" I yelled but calmed down when the boys turned and were chuckling at us a flight attendant came over to us
"I'm sorry but can you two please keep your voices down?" She says, we agree and I look at Eleanor
"I'm sorry Ellie I need to get my nose out of it" she says
"Yeah you do, excuse me I have to use the rest room" I said
"Ok" she says I get up and walk towards the bathroom and stand at the mirror and sigh I look down at my outfit atleast I wouldn't look like utter shit infront if those three boys black skinny jeans a white shirt with a black heart on it with white vans and a black cardigan with the sleeves rolled up and a white beanie on top of my black wavy hair I sigh flush the toilet cause I don't want people to think I use the bathroom and don't flush so I flush and head out and sit back down
"I love you El" I said I hated fighting with Eleanor she smiles
"Love you too Ellie" she says.


We arrive at the airport in Darwin and get off the plane and meet up with Sara. We have to wait an hour for the next flight back to Melbourne so the three of us head to the area closest to our terminal, we claim three empty seats and sit down.
"What the hell?" Eleanor says
"What?" I ask
"It's our friends" she says pointing to the three boys from the flight
"You know them?" She asks
"Hey come here!" She yells towards them I hit her in the stomach and look around like I was wondering where it came from I glance over and see Luke looking at me he looks away when he notices me looking Beau keeps his eyes trained on Eleanor.
"How cute El he likes you" I said
"Shush, don't attract attention." She says
"Why don't you just ask him for his number?" I ask
"Shut up Ellie he can probably hear you" she whines I smile and turn towards Sara
"So what have you been up too?" I ask her
"A lot of things My Mum just had a baby" she says
"What's the gender?" I ask finally getting Luke out of my head.
"Boy" she says
"Aww whats his name?" I ask
"Luke" she says I feel my heart race why does he keep popping up I have a boyfriend that I love so much?!
"What a great name" I said
"Yeah he's cute" she said
"So what have you and El been up too?" She asks
"The usual, actually like nothing" I said
"Well that's why we moved out of Melbourne, to get more adventure" she says
"Yeah but love Melbourne" I said
"Yeah yeah" she says
"Flight to Melbourne leaves in 20 minutes please make your way to departure" we stand up and grab our bags and head towards the plane. When we are seated I realize there's only 1 row between us and the 3 boys from the other flight I notice that their doing something with a camera and I'm really curious so I listen in
"Hey guys were The Brooks Brothers sorry but Skip and James aren't with us we just finished doing Beau's dare and it was amazing were on our way back to Melbourne now." Luke says into the camera he points it to his twin
"Great dare by the way Jai" he says Jai... Alright their names are Beau, Luke and Jai...
"Thanks" Jai says


We land at the airport and were finally in a car on the way home it's pretty late so when we go home we head to bed but I couldn't sleep so I ran a bath thinking about the crazy day I had today. I got out and changed into PJs and went on my computer and googled
"Beau, Luke and Jai brooks" pictures of the three of them came up one had a edit on it saying
"The Brooks Brothers, The Janoskians!"
"Janoskians?" I repeat to myself, ok then... I shut my laptop and go to bed finally feeling tired, my eyelids are finally getting heavy, I let them fall, I dream off Luke.
His velvet voice rings in my ears as we walk around the streets of Melbourne as a couple. He was my Luke and I was his Ellie. But then Bentley popped into my dream and split me and Luke apart and took me in his arms telling Luke to leave, that's when I chose to start calling it a nightmare.
Will I ever see Luke again? Do I even want to?
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