Dreams come true

One day harry styles meets the girl of his dreams but is that term to literal? Has his nightmares come to town along with this beautiful girl from his dreams?


1. Gentleman

 I looked around the coffee shop and saw a girl get up from her table. Starbucks was terribly full on a Monday morning. I sat down and noticed she left her phone on the table. I grabbed it and went after her. She had tinted red hair making it easier for me to spot her. Across the street I saw her walk into a law building and I ran across the it only half watching for cars. I walked in and saw her get into the elevator. "Miss!" I called after her, the elevator doors closed and I sighed. The receptionist at the front desk smiled flirty at me. I wonder if she knew I was famous. I walked up her. "Hello, I'm Harry. I was wondering who that woman with the red hair was." She raised her eyebrow and looked at me expressionless. "That's Mrs. Watson. Why?" I pulled her phone out of my pocket as I winked at the receptionist . She smiled confidently and began to play with her hair. "I have her phone, she left it at Starbucks." She reached out for it but I retreated my hand away. "May I give it to her?" She rolled her eyes and picked up the phone."Hello, Mrs. Watson. There is a Harry here for you. Says he found your phone at Starbucks." They talked for a minute until the receptionist hung up and gave me a visitors pass. "She is on the seventh floor second door to the right. It will say her name on the door. " I smiled at her and walked toward the elevator. I got in with another girl. This place was full of them. I took my eyes away from her and pressed seven. I was not here to get a girl I was here to return a phone. I could feel her yes on me when she got off on level five. Two more people got in and they too were looking at me. It was odd though since they were both men. "Visiting your girlfriend buddy?" I turned and looked at one of the men, taller and buffer than me. I didn't know Mrs. Watson so who's to say this isn't her boyfriend. I decided to play it cool. "Im just here for a friend." He nodded as the door opened on seven and I felt relief wash over me as I stepped out of the elevator. I turned right and saw the second door that read. "Ms. Watson." I knocked on it and grabbed her phone out of my back pocket. "Come in." I walked in as she looked up from whatever she happend to be working on. "Oh, you must be Harry?" I smiled and nodded "Yes, that is me." She sat back in her chair and crossed her legs. "Have I seen you on TV before?" I laughed and sat the phone on her work desk.  "No, you have me confused with Harry Styles. People say I look like him." I lied making her smile, I was unsure if she knew I was lying or not. "Well, Ms.Watson. Try not to leave your phone lying around again." She laughed a little and stood up reaching out her hand for me to shake. "Please,Call me Lulu." I shook her hand and and nodded. "Nice to meet you Lulu." She picked up her phone and ran her black finger nails along the  case. "Thank you, my phone is my life. You saved my life." I shrugged and leaned against the wall. "It was no problem, Im sure anyone else would have done the same." She picked her purse off the floor and pulled out we wallet. " I must thank you, here take this." She pulled out two twenties and put her wallet back in her purse. "No, I don't want your money Lulu. I was simply being a gentleman." She looked at me oddly and put the money back in her purse. "Well, a gentleman you are. Your mother must be proud Harry. Shall I walk you out?" I nodded and opened the door. "I would love that actually." We walked to the elevator and I looked at her. "How about you repay me for being a gentleman tomorrow for brunch." Lulu smiled and and nodded "That's a fair trade, a fine evening for you and my phone for me." I pressed the elevator button and raised my eyebrows. "I already called myself on your phone, just incase." She laughed slightly as I walked into the elevator. I waved as the door began to close. As soon as it closed I heard an alarm sound. The elevator didn't move and an alert came on. "There is a level 7 fire starting on floor 8 moving down. I heard Lulu yell from the other side "I'm going to get help wait here." 
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