Over Rated.

Louis and Eleanor are married,they have two kids, julia, who is 14 year old, and crista, who is 17 years old. Louis and eleanor are really over protective of their kids, mostly julia because she is the youngest and makes terrible decisions. They are over protective of crista also, just not as much as julia. Julia is dating zayn, who in this is 16 years old, he has tattoos and smokes and is just a plain out bad boy. Louis and eleanor absolutley hate zayn and dont want him around their daughter. Louis and el are ok with cristas boyfriend, harry, only because hes a very sweet boy around them, and when their not there, harry only wants to do sexual things. Julia and crista decide to buy louis and el tickets for a cruise, the cruise is a week long and only 3 days away, but in that week that their gone, julia has zayn sleep over, crista has harry sleep over too, except louis and el know about that already, crista doesnt like zayn at all either, what will happen in that week? read to find out


17. 100% percent better.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

I hear the door open, mum walks in. "Hi mum" i say. She looks at me and smiles, "hi, no hug?" she says. I get up and walk to her, and hug her. "I missed you" she says. "You werent even gone long.." i say, pulling away from the hug looking at her. She shrugs, "Am i not aloud to miss my daughter?" she says. I smile and look at her. "Mum.. dad isnt letting me see zayn anymore" i say with anger. She looks at me, "Ill talk to him.." she says and walks out of the room, to the kitchen, where dad is. I go back to the couch and sit down, smiling, knowing mum will probably change dads mind.

****ELEANORS P.O.V.****

I walk into the kitchen, i see louis sitting there reading the news paper, then he sees me and puts it down. "Hey babe!" he says and gets up walking over towards me, and hugging me. I hug back, then pull away. "So, julia told me that your not letting her see zayn?" i say, "whys that?" i ask. "The kid is terrible, he had julia on his lap on the swings and they were making out, just like out of know where making out on the swing" he says angrily. "So shes a teen, let her have some freedom?" i say looking at him. He rolls his eyes, "But.." he says as i dont let him finish. "Shes allowed to see him" i say. He sighs, "Fine, but any funny business pulled and that boy is dead" he says.

I smile at him and walk out to julia, "Your allowed to see him again, you just cant do anything thats over your age level.." i say looking at her. She hugs me tightly "Thank you mum!" she yells. I smile and nod, "Your welcome" i say smiling at her. She smile back.

****JULIAS P.O.V.****

I run up to my room and text zayn saying, 'My mum talked my dad into letting me see you again!' i text him smiling. He texts back saying 'No way! yay :)' i smile because he never says yay. Mum just made my day 100% better.

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