Hate, Trust, and Jessica

Jessica Marks. She's had a lonely life. She's bullied and rejected. In terms, she's Pluto. She has her own little world. Where she's a star and she's liked. But when she figures out she's related to Harry Styles, everything changes and she has to learn to trust again. Because trust is like glass. Once it's broken, it can't be fixed. Only replaced. But when this start to get out of hand and Jessica and the boys are faced with many problems. When Jessica gets. a Valentine's note from one of the boys she's determined to find out which on sent sent it to her. Jessica learns the true meaning of friendship, love, and trust. All with the help of Pluto, friends, and One Direction.


6. Chapter 5


Chapter 5

February 2, 2013 


I stare out the window. The rain drops roll down the and the trees flash by. It's days like this that I am most sad. Where I feel like I can do nothing but stare out a window.

After driving for what seemed like hours, we finally get home. I make a mad dash for the fridge.

Lets see. Carrots, cheese, broccoli. No potatoes! That's a crime! Fine. Nando's? That will work.

I grab the Nando's out of the fridge and make a beeline for a tree.

"Niall! She has your Nando's!" Harry exclaims.

I quickly climb up the tree and sit on a stable branch.

"Get down Jessica!" Niall yells. "That's my Nando's!"

"Really? I don't see your name on it." I sass.

"Look on the bottom." He says.

I flip it over. "Oh."

"Now hand them over." He argues.

"No!" My stomach growls.

I take a bite of the food. "Delicious."

"Oh it's on like Donkey-Kong!" Niall climbs up the tree.

"I ain't scared of you." I taunt him.

He flips me over and hangs me upside down by my legs on the tree.

"Niall James Horan! Let me down now!" I shout.

"Naw. This is you punishment," he says as he climbs down the tree.

"Nice undies!" Harry shouts.

The boys give out flirtatious whistles and I struggle to pull the dress over my underwear.

"This isn't making me like any of you!" I yell.

"That doesn't mean we can't enjoy this," Niall says as he continues munching on his food.

"Seriously guys. Let me down. I don't want to fall." I call.

"Maybe we should let her down." Harry says.

"Ahhhhh!" I scream as I fall to the ground.


"Wake up Jessica." Someone shakes me lightly.

"Huh? Who's Jessica?" I stutter out. "Who-who are you?" I back away from them.

"How hard to you think she hit her head?" The blonde kid mumbles to the curly headed boy.

"You're Jessica." The curly headed boy says slowly. "This is Niall." He gestures to a blonde haired kid.

"I don't know you people," I back away further until I'm stopped by a tree.

"Do you think we should hit her head again?" A boy with black hair says.

"I know what to do!" Niall, I think that's his name, says. "Eat this!"

He shoves some food in my mouth.

"What is this?" I ask.

"She's worse that I thought," the blonde kid says as he stands up.

I see a white piece of paper whirling in the street. I stand up and dash in its direction. Just curious as to what it was.

I finally reach it and pick it up. I unfold it. It reads: 

I love you baby girl. You're my little star. 



Tears collect in my eyes as I remember everything. I run back to Niall and wrap him in a hug. I wanted the comfort I felt the last time I had hugged him. I wanted to be safe.

I wanted all this pain to end. The pain of not knowing my father, but just having memories. The thought that my mother never wanted me, and I was just a big mistake. The pain I felt every time I remember memories.

I wanted to end all this. To just disappear from the world. To be with my father. My father loved me. I remember that much about him. He loved my more than my mother had.

"I'm sorry Niall." I whisper. "I'm sorry for taking your Nando's."

"Harry. I'm sorry for pushing you in the mud when I was 5. I didn't mean to."

"Louis. I'm sorry for making you sad. I know your a happy person."

"Zayn Liam. I don't really have anything to say to you two. I haven't really done anything wrong to you. But I'm sorry for being so mean to you guys."

Never! Ever! Did I think it'd take a note to realize how much I need these guys.


The doorbell rings and I know who it is. Snelly. Boy was I right. 

The boys open the door.

"Hi Sm- Snelly." I say coldly. She sits next to me on the couch.

"Hello Jessica." She says with an evil smirk.

"Hey Snelly. Can we have a word with you?" The boys say.

Snelly follows them to the hallway.


"Listen Smelly." Niall says. "We know that you're bulling Jessica. And we don't like that."

"So if we EVER see you bulling her again," I start.

"We'll be forced to take matters into our own hands." Louis says.

"And you won't like that." Liam finishes.

"Got it?" Zayn points at her.

Snelly gulps. "G-g-got it."

"Now. Leave." I tell her.


Snelly runs through the living room.

"I'm sorry Jessica." She dashes out the door.

What's with her?

The boys walk back in the living room with satisfied looks.

"She won't be bothering you any more," Harry says as he sits next to me on the couch.

What did they do?


I don't toss or turn tonight. Now that I've got everything off my chest my conscience is clear. For now.

I stare at the stars again just because they remind me of my dad. I walk to the window and notice something. Its got a floor kinda at the bottom.

I open the window and stick my foot out the door. It reaches the bottom. I stink my other foot out and stand up. Holing on to the window sill for balance. I notice that it goes to the side of the house.

I climb around carefully and see Niall's window. His lights are on and he's at his desk. I peek at what he's writing.

"Dear boys,

If I'm not here by the time you wake up than here's the reason. I've gone to my 'special place'. I need to think for a while. And by 'special place' I don't mean Nando's. I just need a little time I think about stuff.'' 

~ Niall 

P.S: If you're reading this don't let Jessica get into my Nando's again.

I defiantly have to follow him! I climb back into the house and scramble to the front door. I hide behind the tree.

He walks to a meadow sort of thing. I mean it has flowers and stuff. So I'm assuming its a meadow.

He sits down and closes his eyes. I quietly walk to him and sit next to him.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"Thinking." He says.

"About what?" I ask.

"Stuff." He answers.

"What kind of stuff?" I nag.

"Just stuff." He replies. Probably getting annoyed.

I lay down and look at the stars. They look beautiful tonight.

Niall lays his head down next to mine.

"Are you alright?" He asks me.

"I'm fine." I tell him.

I don't know when but I fell asleep. I don't know why either. I wasn't supposed to fall asleep there. But I did anyway. I fell asleep. Right next to Niall Horan. The person who made me fall out of a tree. But that was probably a good thing. Right

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