Broken Rule

Listen closely, don’t move, don’t breathe, and stay completely still. Now as you listen into my story keep in mind I’m a killer. Gray Co. has made me this way. Took me in when I was 16 thought I had the guts to be an unknown killing machine. They mold me into these different characters, assign me with new names and personalities. This mission is top secret, and highly dangerous. My goal is to rescue a mega-star from total destruction. No strings attached, but my only rule has been broken by the famous Harry Styles.


2. Ear Piece

It was 8 a.m. my official time to meet our client and meet the person i will be defending. Flex led me into a tall building which was just outside of London. "So this is the place huh?" He nodded but stayed silent. Sighing i kept the silence going until we reached the room we were aiming for. 

Instantly i recognized our client and the man that would be my "relative." He smiled at me before embracing me in a hug which signified that i was now in character. "Uncle Simon! It's been what 12 years?" Playing along with me he said, "Way to long, how's your parents?" Frowning a little i said, "Mum's not doing so well, which is why i'm staying with you for the time being." Simon patted my back then stepped aside to reveal 5 attractive guys sitting on a couch behind him. 

Letting my memory work out there names i waved a simple hello. "It's nice to meet you, I mean your all anyone ever talks about." The blonde one smiled at me. "Hi, I'm Niall." He stood up to shake my hand. "And i'm Stella, Simon's niece-in-law." Took a look at the other four boys on the couch, and watched as there eye roamed my body. I knew i shouldn't have gone with the dress. "So, how long are you here for." The one in stripes, Louis, asked. 

"Couple months, depending on when my Mum can get back on her feet." Louis nodded then shifted uncomfortably. I sat down in a chair across from them still trying to figure out which one is the one i'm supposed to predict. It wasn't Louis or Niall, but there were still 3 left to distinguish from. "Where are you staying at?" Bingo, i looked right into the green eyes of my defendant, Harry. "Well, Uncle Simon, has set me up a flat, but i'm honestly very scared to live alone." I said innocently as they bought my acting.

Harry leaned over and whispered something in Louis's ear, they had a short whisper discussion then he returned to his original position. "Well, I love helping people out, and you seem nice, so you can live with me and Lou for the time being. I promise we don't bite." Perfect, i accepted the invitation and ignore his last remark. 

********* An hour later

After the boys and i got to know each other we all left the building. Liam and Niall going for something to eat, Zayn going to visit his girlfriend, and Louis, Harry, and me going back to their apartment. Everything was going smoothly until i spotted a tall man in a black suit across the street watching us talking into his ear piece. "Man, i left my phone in the office, you boys go ahead i'll catch up after i get it." They didn't protest as they kept walking.

I let them get a couple of meters away before casually walking across the street, i walked pass the man with the ear piece. Waiting until his back was turned i jumped on his back wrapping my left arm around his neck to suffocate him. He stumbled back into an alley and ripped at my arms. Realizing that i wasn't letting go he slammed me against the alley walls. Before he could repeat the motion i let go of his neck and pushed him into the wall. Instantly he turned and threw a punching my stomach. I ignored the pain and knocked his feet out from under him. Quickly i jumped on top of him and pressed down hard on his throat until he was unconscious. 

I removed his ear piece and searched his pockets. Other than the ear piece he was clean, nothing showing his name or who he worked for. 

After i slipped the ear piece into my bag, i jogged to catch up to Harry and Louis who were already down the block. "Hey, boys didn't forget about me did you?" Louis smiled and looped his arm in mine walking me another building down then turned to make us look at the building apartment. "Welcome to our home, well this is just the building, inside is where the magic happens. 

I giggled girlishly then let Louis continue in leading me inside, keeping an eye on Harry as he walked behind us. Unlocking the door Louis watched as my jaw dropped. "Incredible isn't it." The apartment was huge and not to mention filled with expensive looking toys and what not. 

My little brother would have loved this place, wait, no thinking of family. I ditched them a long time ago. Snapping out of my recent thoughts i explored the apartment, finding the guest bedroom with ease. It didn't take me long to unpack considering i only had a duffel bag. More would be provided for me later on in the week. "Uh hmmm." I heard a throat clear behind me, causing my reflexes to pin the owner of the throat to the wall. "Damn, i was just coming to tell you the pizza is here!" Harry smirked still pinned up against the wall. Releasing him i took a step back regaining my character. 

"Oops, sorry, i'm not used to people sneaking up on me, and pizza sounds great. Be down in a little bit." I exclaimed calmly acting as Stella would. 

Harry nodded then left the room, leaving me alone to my thoughts. 'What's with the slip-up? You've trained for this. Go eat pizza to cover up your mistake.' I consciously told myself while heading to the kitchen. 




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