Broken Rule

Listen closely, don’t move, don’t breathe, and stay completely still. Now as you listen into my story keep in mind I’m a killer. Gray Co. has made me this way. Took me in when I was 16 thought I had the guts to be an unknown killing machine. They mold me into these different characters, assign me with new names and personalities. This mission is top secret, and highly dangerous. My goal is to rescue a mega-star from total destruction. No strings attached, but my only rule has been broken by the famous Harry Styles.


1. Prologue

"The actions that you have done are highly punishable, your facing charges of 10 years in prison." I winced as the lady in a suit interrogated me in a windowless room, making me feel scared of the punishment. "But, i work for a secret organization that can help you out of your trouble. We train young people to carry out the missions that we give them, without question. I've watched you since the day you were born, you fit the job perfectly." 

Creeped out and a little angry i stood up. "What if i don't want to work for you?" The lady let out a short laugh. "We are offering you a type of freedom. After your term is up we let you walk away with more money in your pocket than the president. If i was you i wouldn't let this offer slip away..." She slid a contract across the table that separated us. Deeply considering signing my name i sat down in the chair and stared at the piece of paper. 

It suggested i train for a year or two then work 10 years, then i'm paid and released from the corporation, unless i choose to stay. Sighing i made a decision. The Lady watched as i scribbled my name down, who knew that would be the last i saw of it. 

******** 2 Years Later.

"Left! Right! Duck! Punch!" My instructor demanded. Not needing his guidance i fought the battle ready dummy. Quickly winning the fight i flipped my body behind it, continuing to kick it to the ground until it shut off signaling it's death. "Great job Lyric, now Miss Cain needs you in her office." Flex my handler motioned towards the elevator i would take to get there. 

"Have a seat Lyric." Obeying Cain i sat down one of the two leather chairs in front of her desk. "How did your last mission go?" She asked concerned while pulling out a folder which i hoped would me a new mission. "It went well my target was successfully put at rest in a matter of a day." Cain nodded and pursed her lips. 

"As you know, you are one of our best agents we have, which is why i'm installing you into the dangerous boy-band case. A client of ours has suspected that American Industries are trying to capture one of the members in this band, if they succeed they will ask for an extremely large amount to be paid to get him back. This is where you come in, you will take on the role of Stella. Who is a friendly, girly, spunky, Distant relative of our client. You will gain the boy's trust and protect him at any cost, if we gain leads to American workers, you will be sent in to help. Is this Clear?" 

I opened the filing folder that held more information of my mission. My target to defend and my target to kill. Nodding i stood up taking the folder with me. Before i opened the door to exit Cain's office, she stopped me. "Oh, and one final thing, no strings attached, or things will get messy." I gave her my word then headed to wardrobe change and my stylist to change me into Stella. 

By next morning i will be stationed in my new surroundings. "Ready?" I nodded and let Flex guide me to the vehicle we would be taking. 'Ta Ta, for now!' I smirked at the building i would be escaping for awhile. 


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