My life was total shit. I met this boy around age 12 and ever since then I tell him everything. We had an amazing friendship. One day he wanted to become something more. But what happens when his friend comes down from his tour.


5. Stop

" Christian Not Agian " he kept standing there holding me.

" Alli, I don't care if you kill people, I don't care, I need you, I want to be with you, I can help you with the necklace I want you to be safe, I want you as my own, I don't want to lose you, Please " He stood there.

I felt him lean closer to me.

"Allison, I love you" I backed away.

"No, Christian, I'm Sorry" I walked to the door a flew it open and closing it bumping into someone.

"Dang Watch it" Justin Chuckled. 

"Sorry, Where you going" I asked grinning.

"For a walk" He flipped his jacket hood over his head and pulled out some sunglasses "With an Identity cover-up"

"Wow, Could I come with, its not very safe out" I laughed.

"I think I can handle it, Stay Inside, and go to sleep" He said and walked out the door. No, he can't go by himself theres bloodsuckers and other crazies. I ran out the door to see an empty hallway. I ran vampire speed down to the lobby. I looked out the door and saw a couple people passing. I walked outside and warmth filled the air. Its like 3 in the morning and its warm, somethings wrong. I began walking towards the alley which was, left. I walked and before I got to the alley a pair off hands grabbed my and pulled my in the alley and against the wall.

Trevors p.o.v.

I saw Allison walk down the hallway. Thats when I changed and walked inside. I saw christian standing there in the kitchen looking in the fridge. He poked his head up and frowned, dang what did I do or Justin do. 

"Whats up, bro" He closed the door with a pop in his hand.

" Oh nothin, Allison just went for a walk" I said pointing my thumb over my shoulder to the door "I told her I would go walk with her but she could resist"

He nodded and sat on the couch. Wow your probably really confused, well, I'm a shape-shifter but I can only do humans. If Iv'e ever seen them I can be them. So right now i'm Justin.

" Wanna Watch T.v. I guess" Christian asked.

"Sure" I walked over to the couch and sat down.

Allisons p.o.v.


"Shh" He lifted his finger over his mouth.

"Really, Bieber" I pushed him off of me.

"Alli, Be Quiet" He whispered "Why didn't you stay inside"

"Because" I looked behind him seeing a dark alley. 

"Alli, Please go inside" He looked at me, his eyes told trustworthy.

"Fine" I turned around to began walking.

"But Justi-" I turned around to see a dark alley. 

I walked inside and up the stairs. I walked inside and looked at christian on the couch.

"Hey, I'm Going to bed Goodnight" I said to him and began walking in the room.

"Wait, Alli can we talk" He asked. I walked over and sat on the couch next to him. 

" Christian, You need to stop" I briefly asked.

"With What"

"With trying to kiss me all the time, you keep doing it were both going to get off task off focus and were going to mess up"

"So you do like me" He smiled

"Thats not the point the point is, Since justins here are secret is more likely to be out" I put my hands through my hair and sighed.

"I get it, I'll see you in the morning" He stood up and walked into his bedroom. I groaned and rested on the couch. I wondered why justin didn't want me with him. I feel somethings not right, I need to find him. I hopped up and flew to the door I opened it and saw Justin Standing there.

"Hey" He smiled.

"Oh hey I was just-"

"Just about to go to sleep" He pushed me back inside.

"Sure I guess" I walked into my room and layed on the couch. Wait Why did I care about Justin. Maybe because theres bloodsuckers and werewolves out there but maybe something else. No Allison you cannot have feeling for bieber, He's Bieber.I shrugged my shoulders and layed on my side and drifted asleep.

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