My life was total shit. I met this boy around age 12 and ever since then I tell him everything. We had an amazing friendship. One day he wanted to become something more. But what happens when his friend comes down from his tour.


4. BadAss with Secrets

We walked in the club a paparazzi flashed cameras at justin. Well, hanging with a popstar has consequences. We walked straight in the club and gave our jackets to the person.

" Allison, do you want a drink" Justin asked as I gave him a grin and a nod. Christian, Justin, and I  were having a great time. But I did drink a little more than I promised to, just a little.

" I'll be right back" Justin headed off to the bathroom as a guy came up from behind me and started to whisper in my ear.

" Hey how bout we dance" The stranger said.

" Shes not one to temper with man" Christian spoke up. The stanger started to kiss my neck. Thats when I got angry. I took his wrist and crossed his arms spinned him around and pushed him into the crowd of people.

"Bitch" I mumbled . I looked as his eyes were outlined yellow. There here.

" Christian there here" I said to him as I looked at justin making his way out of the restroom.

"I gotta plan just get into a small fight with justin and rush outside" He whispered,

I nodded.

"Hey guys how is it-" Justin was cut off by me slapping him.

"You filthy manwhore" I yelled and stormed outside. The wind hit my face and I ran to the corner. I was hungry.

~ Flash Back ~

My father has died and I wasn't doing good in school. The memories never change but I do. I started hanging out with new friends and new people in new places. But these people were different they were as known, BloodSuckers. I hanged out with them until I reached the point of them turning me into one. I became more bitcher and more sluttier. I met Christian and he renewed me into a good girl. I told him everything except of me as a vampire. We soon bought a small apartment and stayed together. Soon I was more trained and I started to become bitchy agian. I had feelings for christian, until an Alpha moved into town. The Alpha Wolf got a pack and found me. I had the necklace but he didn't know that until they discovered more about me. I been killing them off . I trained christian and he became my 'sidekick' he was good but always got distracted. He soon started trying to get to go out with me, he was a determined little boy. But I couldn't love him because of the necklace. But until the necklace is safe I can love agian.

~Flash Back Over~

Christians p.o.v.

"Dude take my car go home i'll meet you up there" I gave justin my keys and walked through the crowd of people finally getting to the door. I walked out to the dark cold air. The street lights flickered as I heard rustling in the alley. I rushed over to see Allison holding a girl.

"Alli" I stood wide mouthed.

She looked at me , dropping the girl and appearing in front of me in the speed of light. 

"Christian its not what it looks like" She grabbed my wrist. I was scared to death I thought we told each other everything.

" I thought we told each other everything" I pulled my wrist out of her grasp.

"I couldn't tell you because I need you, you complete me and if I told you I thought you would be scared of me" She looked at the ground.

I lifted her head up with my hand "I will always love you" I leaned in to kiss her but got thorw deeper into the alley. I saw I was thrown by one of them. I was starting to black out.

Allisons p.o.v.

"You messed with the wrong girl" I looked at him. Tall ,blonde, Blue eyes and pale. But if he's pale.

"Shut up i'm helping you" He grabbed my hand.

"Uhm ew no you threw my friend across the alley and made him black out" I stood in place making sure I wasn't leaving no where with that  lunatic.

"Come on I didn't even throw him it was another pack of vampires" He looked at me with his eyes sparkling under the street light.

"Another Pack" I questioned, but sounded more like a statement.

"Yes grab your friend and lets head to your place" He demanded. His voice was deep but soft like his eyes, wait nope. I went and picked up christian he was knocked out for sure. I grabbed This Blondeys hand and rushed him to my apartment. I stopped at the front door.

"Take Christian so Justin doesn't think im wierd holding up a 140 pound boy" I put christian in his arms and opened the door.

"Omg there you , 3 guys are" His statement soon turned into a question.

" Justin go to sleep I need to talk with my friend" I gestured my hand to the boy and continued talking "Christians knocked out from I guess drinking to much".

Justin walked over to us and took christian to his room and they stayed in there.  Me and the blondey sat on the couch.

"So first whats your name" I asked the boy.

"Trevor" He looked nervous.

"Are you ok, do you need anything" He grabbed my neck and kissed me and I tried to not kiss back but failed. It was like I needed to kiss him. Then I got a feeling.

"You need to kill her" I heard a voice yell. It was a man, Yeah totally a man.

"No I can't im leaving I can't I love her I knew her " It was trevor he loved me but how did he know me, Wait he was part of the vampires that turned me. He was the shy one the picked on one.  But Im scared I don't want to be killed.

Trevor backed away.

"Did you hear it" He looked at me and I nodded.

"I think you need to go" I looked up to see justin " Me and Allison have some things to do in the morning"

I shot him a death glare.

"Doubt it Popstar" Trevor stood up.

"Watch out,Love and Ill see you agian soon" He whispered in my ear and walked outside.

"So who really was that your boyfriend because I dont just kiss random strangers" I rolled my eyes to his comment.

"Really never" I stood up " Well I need to check on christian stay right here, I want to see him alone" I walked into christians room to see him sleeping. I walked over to him and sat next to him. I shook him lightly causing him to moan in botherment. I shook him again to get the same reaction. I thought of a plan.

"Christian wake up Justin just got in a car crash" He sprung up, Yes im evil.

"Dude im just kidding im so sorry I didn't know I would get that reaction" I backed up " I need to tell you this, Well someones trying to kill me but I don't know why or how it may be connected to the necklace"

"I can't believe you , and how did you find this out" He went back in to calming.

"Trevor he can tell people stuff by I guess physical i-e-a lets just say through kissing" Christian sat up straighter.

"You should know by now not to talk to stranger let alone kiss them" Christian mocked

"No I knew him though he was part of the pack who turned me" I stated.

"Well then, I have nothing to say but your'e going to be fine your just another BadAss" Christian stood up.

"Thanks" I grinned I stood up and started to walk to the door until christian pulled me to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and stared into my eyes. I stared into his, It seemed like forever Until...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N: Imma try to do author notes every chapter but if I don't then I have nothing to say. But tell me how far you like the story and comment. Ill guve you questoins to answer too.

* Until....?

* Justin and Allison, Christian and Allison, or Trevor and Allison?

* What should happen needing help lol if you wanna give back feedback do it!!!!?

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