Butterfly Fly Away

This is the first book in a mini series I'm making. The books are going to be short but they'll be a few of them. Madison is Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. She is 19 years old and sings and dances a lot. She is best friends with all the non-famous one direction lads. When she gets the chance of a lifetime which means she has to move far away from her family and friends will she take it?


1. All about me

Hi I'm Madison Tomlinson. Yes you read right, Madison Tomlinson. I'm Louis Tomlinson's younger sister. Louis has had to do the same year twice because of how naughty he was the first time. I'm 19, my birthday is on 12th January like Zayn Malik (My Crush and best mate) and I go to Ducksworth College in London. Me and Zayn turn 20 in 5 days. Oh by the way Zayn doesn't know I have a major crush on him so please don't tell. You should know I am a huge gamer and I sing and dance as well. I am really busy all the time. I live by myself and I barely ever see my family other then the fact I see Louis at college pretty much everyday.

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