Nowhere to Run

A crossover between, in my opinion, the best books ever: Skulduggery Pleasant and Harry Potter.

When Valkyrie gets trapped in another dimention, unable to return to her home, she enrolls at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. As her hope of rescue fades, theres another, bigger threat: Lord Voldemort has caught wind of her, and wants to use her as a weapon that could help them win the war - and he will stop at nothing to get her.

Extra Info:

Its set in their 6th year, and Valkyrie is the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione. I'm not sure whether it'll make sense or not to those of you that havent read Skulduggery Pleasant (it is a lot less common than Harry Potter) but either way.... enjoy!! Give it a chance, the first chapter isnt exactly the most exciting or best written of them all, but by chapter two & three you will be hooked. Please like and comment!


1. Hogwarts

Valkyrie awoke. The first thing that hit her was the bitter, sharp cold. She was lying flat on her back, sticks and stones sticking painfully into her side. It was pitch black in every direction, the only breaks in the darkness came from above, moonlight just managing to creep its way through the dense layer of leaves.

Valkyrie stood up, confused and scared. Nothing like a dark, spooky forest to boost your confidence, she thought to herself as she contemplated what to do.

She asked herself the obvious and crucial questions: How had she got here? Truthfully, she hadn’t a clue. Last thing she remembered was being grabbed by Avoidem Mist, then… blackness. Nothing. Most likely, she’d been teleported here, wherever ‘here’ was…    She guessed somewhere up north, according to the temperature.

But maybe the most important question was how was she going to get back to Haggard, to Dublin, to Skulduggery? She went to check her phone, but found first a crumpled up piece of paper. After smoothing it out, she clicked her fingers, summoning a flame, and read:

-Valkyrie Cain-


You are a long way from home.

You complicated our plans, we needed you out of the way, so that’s what we did.

You said before that we had a teleporter….You were wrong.

We don’t even know if you got to read this, whether you’re alive or dead. We hope you’re dead, we hate you.


Love, yours truly,

Billy-Ray Sanguine.


Valkyrie cursed, sighed, then thought…   they said they didn’t have a teleporter. But, she’d teleported…  That definitely was teleportation. Wasn’t it?

But she had absolutely no idea where she was. Teleporter or not, she could be on the other side of the world for all she knew.

This really was quite a mess she’d gotten herself into this time.

Valkyrie extinguished the flame, stuffed the page back into her pocket, and had never wished more to be back in her house, curled up in front of the fire.

The crack of a twig broke the eerie silence that had been surrounding her – and it came from just a few metres behind her.

Valkyrie whirled around, terrified, conjuring flames in both her hands. Two large, yellow, pupil less eyes stared back at her from the darkness. Valkyrie stood, paralysed with fear. The creature blinked, however when it opened its eyes, another six did also.

This monster had eight eyes.

Valkyries mouth was dry, the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end. If there was a good side to the situation, at least there was only one beast to deal with.

Just as this thought entered her mind, 10 other sets of eyes appeared, glowing brightly at her. And more kept appearing! Valkyrie looked over her shoulder, desperate for an escape route, but she was surrounded. They formed a tight circle around her, and she realised they were closing in.

She mentally slapped herself back to her senses, swallowed, and pushed the air as hard as possible, causing her to shoot upwards as high as she could possibly manage. Just before she broke through the tightly formed canopies above, she looked down – the creatures had all launched at where she’d stood moments before, and now they were a mass of tangled legs and a sea of yellow eyes…

Protecting her face with her arms as force flung her up through the branches, she desperately hoped that her hair wouldn’t snag on anything as she went up.

Just at the peak of her jump, moments before she started her descent back to earth, Valkyrie looked around, and was quite surprised. Behind her, the forest went on for miles, but directly in front, was a castle.

She pushed the air again, angling herself towards the castle that was roughly half a kilometre away, at most. She began her descent, and just before she hit the ground, she cushioned her fall, landing expertly on her feet.

She thought about her options – there weren’t many. Go back in the forest, or seek help from whoever lived in the castle. The castle was by far the most favourable option.

Valkyrie sighed. These sorts of things were never as fun without Skulduggery. She made her way towards the castle.

While she was walking, she craned her neck backwards, taking in the amazing beauty of the place. Every one of the castles tiny windows glowed with a welcoming, warm light, towers and turrets all over – the castle was timeless, incredibly old yet still in good nick. Behind the castle stood mountains, their silhouettes easily made out despite the darkness of night, and to the south, was a lake, its waters eerily still.

The grand doors of the castle stood open, with warm, welcoming light flooding out into the night. They were over 12 meters high, and were made of oak, with bolts dotted in even lines. As Valkyrie stepped through the threshold, she paused, letting her eyes adjust. It was suddenly warmer, too.

She could hear the tinkle of cutlery, but more obvious was the raucous chatter coming from a room on her right, however the large, grand doors were closed. Valkyrie approached them, and pushed, but they were made of metal and over 5 times her height – far too heavy to open by hand on her own.

So she gathered the air up behind her, and with an almighty shove, blew the doors open almost a little too forcefully, causing an ear-splitting bang. She stood in the doorway, as over 100 faces, almost all teenagers, turned to her. The hall they were all seated in was huge, candles floating in mid- air all around the walls and above the tables. There were four, long tables, children seated at all of them, and another table along the back, with a rather odd bunch of adults whom had all automatically stood up upon her unexpected entrance. The chatter was quickly snuffed out as every one’s eyes turned to the girl in black.

The seconds passed by, everyone in the room completely shocked. “Umm…. Hi.” Said Valkyrie, breaking the silence.

Suddenly, a man with a hooked nose, black, greasy hair and clothed in black robes came down from the table at the back, and stalked towards her. His shoes clacked on the stone floor as he approached her, pointing a stick at her chest.

When he was close enough, he addressed her, “Who are you, what are you doing here and how did you get in?” He spoke in an English accent, and Valkyrie noticed this – Skulduggery had taught her well.

She held her head high, and replied clearly and calmly. “I am Valkyrie Cain, I haven’t a clue what I’m doing here and I, er, came in through the front door standing wide open….”

The man didn’t know how to reply to that, clearly, so he just stood there, pointing the stick at her chest. The girl kept talking anyway. “My turn to ask a few questions. Who are you, where am I, and… and…” she drifted off, staring over his shoulder, “and why the hell is that picture moving!?” The man sneered (she got the feeling he was rather unpleasant), and was about to reply when a man who was seated still, in the middle of the table, stood up. He was old, incredibly old. “Severus,” he said, dismissive, then turned to Valkyrie, and beckoned her closer. He had a beard that almost touched the ground, a hint of a smile playing on his lips and a glint of curiosity in his eye.

When Valkyrie was within earshot, he peered at her over half-moon spectacles and spoke. “Valkyrie Cain, you are currently standing in the great hall of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of the school. Where, may I ask, are you from?”

“Ireland…” she said distractedly. “Sorry, when you say witchcraft and wizardry… is this a joke?”

“Not in the slightest,” he replied.

“So then… you’re telling me this is a school for magic. With all due respect, no such thing exists. Sir, I work for the Irish sanctuary… I’d know if a school of magic exists. And why witches and wizards? You seem like a well-informed man… surely you, or at least someone in this room would know its sorcerers and mages. Of course, it is possible that the London sanctuary has been hiding this information from us. I’m assuming we’re in England?”

Dumbledore looked bewildered. “I’m sorry, Valkyrie, but I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. At all, actually. And we’re in Scotland, not England.”

Valkyrie frowned. This didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense. Unless….   A thought struck her, a terrifying thought. She desperately hoped she was wrong… but it all fit. She subconsciously brought a hand to her head. “Oh… oh no…” She whispered. Behind her, all the children watched.

“Is something wrong?” Dumbledore enquired.

“You don’t…. this will sound weird, okay? But, you don’t happen to know which dimension this is, do you?” Valkyrie asked.

“I’m sorry, what do you mean, ‘dimension?’”

But Valkyrie wasn’t listening. She began to pace up and down, talking to herself. “Yes… it all fits… I’m in a different dimension. They must’ve had their own dimension shunter…” She retrieved the note Sanguine had left from her pocket, and re-read the rather confusing line.

You said before that we had a teleporter…   you were wrong.’

“Yes, it all fits.” She resumed her pacing, “They had their own dimention shunter, one we didn’t know about. Damn, they’re good…” Her mind was racing, unsure of what to do.

She stopped pacing, and faced Dumbledore. “Sir, could we talk a little more…. Privately, please? I have some explaining to do, and I also have a lot of questions.”

“I think that would be wise,” he replied, walking around the table and leading her out of the hall. “I’m taking you to my office.” He stated simply. She walked behind him in silence, and took the opportunity to study him closer. She could tell he could be trusted. There was something about him that was so open, so welcoming. He also seemed to be a man of simple pleasures. His robes were finely tailored – still no match for Ghastly’s exquisite hand, however. He was kind, and warm-hearted, and powerful. There was something about this man that practically shouted ‘Hey! Look at me! I’m super powerful and you wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight!’ Other than that, he was hard to read.

“What year is this?” Valkyrie asked abruptly. Unfazed, Dumbledore replied, “The year is 1996.” A part of Valkyrie sulked that she still hadn’t travelled in time. “And… are we on earth?”



They continued in silence for a little longer, before Dumbledore stopped in front of a stone gargoyle, smiled at Valkyrie and announced that they had arrived. Then he addressed the gargoyle, and in exactly the same tone he used when talking to Valkyrie, he matter-of-factly said to it ‘Pear Drop.’ There was a grating sound of stone-on-stone as the gargoyle moved, revealing a moving spiral staircase, at the top of which, was Dumbledore’s office.

After entering, Dumbledore offered her a seat before sitting across from her, a desk in-between them.  It reminded her slightly of the time she’d been interrogated by Davina Marr…   it hadn’t ended in the best of ways.

“So.” Began Dumbledore. “I am rather curious as how you come to be here.”

“Yes, so am I.” Valkyrie replied, “Or… I was. But I think I know now what’s happened. Sir, I may sound insane, and you might not believe me, but I come from a different dimension.”

Dumbledore was silent for a moment. He seemed to be processing the information. “I… see. Well, that explains quite a lot.”

“Yes. You don’t happen to have dimension shunters here, do you?”

“Not that I’m aware of, I’m afraid.” Valkyrie sighed. “So, here… you have magic, except you’re called witches and wizards, yes?”

“That is correct. In your world…?”

“We call ourselves sorcerers and mages, except neither name belongs to any particular gender. Why was that man pointing a stick at me earlier?”

“I’m sorry?”

“That man in black. He was pointing a stick at my chest.”

“Ah, you are referring to a wand.” Dumbledore answered, taking out his own. “Our magic is conducted through a wand, like this one. I’m assuming then that it is different where you come from?”

“Yes.” Their conversation went on for hours, covering most subjects, both explaining different aspects of their own worlds, how things work, and what was different. On and on they talked, until the moon was high in the sky.

Eventually, their conversation came to an end. Both sat back in their chairs, having, for now, run out of things to say. After a moment, Valkyrie asked quietly, “Do you have any idea how I’m going to get home?” Dumbledore looked at her, almost pitifully. “I think your best, and almost only, chance lies with your skeleton friend, Mr. Pleasant. I don’t know how long it will take for him to succeed in finding you here, though. I’m sorry, Valkyrie.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to stay here. You’ll have to be assigned a house, you may choose from the four: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Take your pick.

Valkyrie thought for a moment. She liked the name Ravenclaw… it suggested beauty, and power, and ravens were black. However, the children seated at what she’d now come to know as the Ravenclaw table had all looked rather snobbish for her liking. “I think….  Gryffindor.” She decided, finally.

Dumbledore smiled at her. “Wise choice. You can use this map to find your way there. When you arrive, the password is ‘Apple Sauce.’ Oh, and could you please return this map to Harry Potter once you’re there, it is his and I’m sure he’d like it back. Gryffindor tower is here…” he said, lifting back a few flaps of parchment, and pointing. Valkyrie noticed that there were little dots all around the map of Hogwarts, all labelled with their name, and they moved, presumably as the person physically moved also. “…and we are here.” Dumbledore pointed to a circular room drawn on the map, with two dots, one named ‘Albus Dumbledore,’ and the other labelled ‘Darquesse.’ Valkyrie paled slightly at the sight of her true name. She’d mentioned Darquesse to Dumbledore, a few times. Dumbledore glanced up at her, but said nothing other than a polite, but dismissive, ‘goodnight.’

* * *

As a life-sized portrait of a fat lady swung open after hearing the words ‘Apple Sauce,’ the blaring noise coming from Gryffindor common room hit her, almost breaking her eardrums. While slowly and curiously entering the room, Valkyrie caught snatches of many conversations at once.

“…and did you see her!?”

“…and the doors flew open, BANG, just like that...”

“She stood there, arm outstretched, other on her hip, like this…” She could see whom those words had come from, an Irish boy, who stood on a table clearly impersonating her (if she did say so herself) rather dramatic entrance. For a while she stood there, feeling awkward, until the Irish boy noticed her. His eyes widened, then he grinned, took advantage of his tabletop position and shouted out over the crowded common room, “HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK WHO IT IS! IT’S VALKYRIE! VALKYRIE CAIN!” The same dumbstruck look washed over every ones faces, mouths hanging open in wonder and awe. Valkyrie couldn’t help herself. She grinned. “Hi.” She addressed them all. “I’m Valkyrie. And I’m in Gryffindor now…” Her crowd was unresponsive. “Umm… does anyone know where Harry Potter is?” A boy with untidy black hair, and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead raised his hand. “Right, well, this is yours, apparently.” She handed him the map. “Oh, and also…” she’d just remembered something else Dumbledore had said. “Is Hermione Granger here?” A girl sitting right next to harry nodded. “I’m Hermione.” She’d been listening politely, and up close Valkyrie saw she had an open book in her lap, and three more on the table beside her, altogether larger than the entire oxford dictionary, all 20 volumes of it.

“Yes, well, Dumbledore said that you could show me round and stuff…”

“Umm, yeah, sure, that’s fine.” She said, a little shyly. She had uncontrollably bushy, brown hair.

“Cool.” Valkyrie sat down next to her, across from Harry, without invitation. After a few seconds, she looked over her shoulder. No one had gone back to what they’d previously been doing, all still boggling at her. “Umm… guys? So far all you seem to do in this dimension is stare.” At that, a few groups near the back resumed what sounded like a very loud version of snap, which led on everyone else, and slowly the hubbub crept back into the room.

“So Valkyrie… where are you from?” Harry said, breaking the silence between them. “Ireland. Except, I’m from a different dimension,” She replied.

“Impossible. Doesn’t exist.” Said Hermione flatly, sitting back in her chair and resuming her reading.

“Come off it, Hermione.” Said a boy with flaming red hair and freckles who was sitting next to Harry. “I’m Ron, by the way,” he told Valkyrie. She smiled at him, before turning to Hermione. “No offense, but, isn’t the very fact that I’m sitting here proof enough for you?”

“No. You could’ve been brainwashed, and have been told that you were from a different dimension. But there is no evidence whatsoever that different dimensions exist. The idea of it is silly.” She replied, looking up from her book. “Look, Hermione. I don’t really care what you think, and if you’re happy being wrong, then great. But, just because it isn’t written in a book doesn’t mean it’s not real.  I mean, if I’m not from a different dimension, then how can I do this?” At that, Valkyrie clicked her fingers, and she held the flame out for Hermione to see. Eyes wide, she looked from the flame to Valkyrie and asked “h… how did you do that?”

“Different dimension.”

Hermione nodded, “okay, you were right.” Valkyrie smiled.

“So, how did you get here?” Harry asked. She looked at him – black hair, green eyes, and a lightning scar on his forehead. “Basically, to make long story short, the bad guys had a person on their side who can make people go to different dimensions when he touches you, and neither Skulduggery or I knew about him…. No one did. Anyway, he touched me, I came here, and now I’m stuck. All I have to do is hope that Skulduggery finds a way to get me back – quickly.”

“Who’s Skulduggery?” asked Ron.

“He’s my friend. He’s a skeleton, literally.”

Literally!?” All three stared at her.

“Yup. It took a little while to get used to, but, he’s awesome. Just…. Don’t tell him I said that.”

“So… you’re staying here in the meantime?” Hermione enquired.

“Yes. I’m not going to lessons with you though. At least, not for now.” Valkyrie told her. Hermione yawned. “I’m tired. The only reason everyone’s still up is cause we were waiting for you,” said Hermione. “Come on, I’ll show you where we sleep, there’s probably a bed for you already. At that, Hermione stood up, and after saying goodnight to the boys, led Valkyrie up a spiralling stone staircase into the girls dormitories.

Later that night, Valkyrie lay in her bed, unable to sleep. She could only hope that Skulduggery found a way to get her back… once he found out that she was gone.

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