My Step-Father Shock

Hey, I'm Ella. I'm 13, and well, I'm just an ordinary girl! I have danced since I was two. I have good grades. I don't remember my father though, he left when I was a baby. Never did I know my mom was secretly going out Social Studies teacher! Read on to see what happens! (This is not a One Direction fan fiction, though I do mention them. Sorry!)


7. Can I Ask You A Question?

Authors Note- BTW this story isn't real... I don't think.

Ella's POV

" mom and Mr. Johnson...are dating."

Nate's eyes went big. "Your mom...and...Mr. Johnson...are dating?" he raised his eyebrows. He's probably gonna break up with me now. A lump went in my throat.

"That's kind of weird, don't you think?" Nate asked. I nodded. "Yeah, it is. I was surprised by that yesterday. That finally told me after how many months or years or something, sence the've been dating." We just went along walking. "So how did they...tell you?" he asked. "Well, at supper he came in and sat down and he and my mom both told me they were, uh, dating." He pulled on his coat sleeves. I pretended to look at a small dog barking by a nearby house. Nothing could set aside this awkwardness.

We finally got to the sidewalk to the school. "I'll text you later, Ella" Nate said, taking off his hat and brushing his hair to the other side. "You mean, your not breaking up with me?" He looked at me as if I was crazy. "Break up with you? I wouldn't do that just because your moms going out with our social studies teacher doesn't mean I'm going to break up with you." I looked up at him and brushed my hair back, the wind blowing on us. "Okay..." I shyly said. We walked to our lockers together and said our goodbyes before advisory bell.


School finished and made my way out the doors to go and change for dance at home. "Ella!" I heard someone say. I turn around, hoping it was Nate. But it wasn't.

"Mr Johnson?" I say to the man walking up to me. "Need a ride home?" he asked, bringing the things he was holding cradled to his chest. "Er, no, I'm fine. I can walk." I turn on my heel and make my way to the door again. I hope nobody heard us talking...they'd think I know him. "Ella" Michael said even more desperately. I turned back around, to see him frowning and eyeing me. "No. I'm giving you a ride home. It's only 10 degrees out" he said, and he put his hand on my back, now making me walk out to his car. I ponder if I should sit in the front or the back...oh god I sound like Rebecca Black.

I decide on the passenger seat. I sit down quietly, and put my book bag to the floor. He puts the key in the ignition and we leave the teachers parking lot. "So, how was school today?" he asked. He was trying to act like a father. "Good" I say, as usual. My mom always asks that.

We quickly get to my house and he stops the car. As I'm about to get out, he pulls me back. "Yes?" I ask. I'm going to be late for dance. "I am going to ask you a very important question" he says. I nod. He then takes a deep breath, and says,

"Will you give me permission to marry your mother?"

I got blown away by those words. My my step father? My mom marrying my social studies teacher? This can't be happening. But, it has been a year...a year. And Michael and my mom seem to be really happy. Maybe I should say yes...

"Well, you two seem very have my permission" I calmly say. "Thank you, Ella. I know it is really hard, but I promise, I will take care of your mom no matter what."

We get out of the car and I unlock the door and run up to my room, and quickly get ready for dance. I put on:

I waited at the door, waiting for my ride.


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