Either me or him

Alliyah Sarpas and Alyssa Labaff had always wanted to meet their favorite boy band, One Direction. When they finally got tickets for their upcoming concert in Los Angeles, they were extremely excited! On the way to the show, there was a tapping at the window, and a special blond haired boy with ocean blue eyes was standing there with the rest of One Direction. What happens when the blond boy falls for her, and so does somebody else within the band?


1. Tickets to 1D

"All I ever wanted to do is see One direction in concert! It's always been my goal to hear their beautiful voices in person and i can because of you Alyssa!" I shouted to my cousin!
" I know! " And the fact we have front row seats is even better!" She practically screamed back! Alyssa and I have loved One direction our whole entire life! And now we are finally getting to meet them! Ahh I can't believe it! So....Tonight at six thiry we have to get in line I asked Alyssa while we are looking at clothes in our favorite store. " Yeah I guess, but doesn't the concert start at seven?" Hmmm.."She mumbled" " Lets go at seven so we could get in before it starts." I suggested as I found the dress I like. " True, so then six o'clock it is! Our journey to meet One direction!!
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