Meeting Niall and his band

Jennifer is and 18 year old girl who is moving to Ireland.When she meets Niall Horan and his band .At first she is there friend then she starts to fall for one of them.And he starts to fall for her. this is my first fan fic no hate please.


4. Authors note

Dear Reader

sorry if you thought this was a chapter i just need to say a couple thing

1: sorry i havent updaded in a while i thought i would update today because  i got a lap top

2: should i keep the name of the story or change the name and the plot

3: if you think i need another girl for naill for to fall for so if you could leave your name and personality in a comment

4: if you do think i should change the plot i think im going to name it meeting niall and his band tell me if you like it

5: lastley sorry for all the misspelled wors im not a very good speller and my new laptop does not tell me when i have spelled a word wrong


                                                         the author

                                                    a.k.a Niall's Girl

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