who am I ? (completed)

Hi im Darcy Summer a regular girl, 18, my birthday is the birthday as Harry Styles,1st February, wooo (btw im making everything up, ths isnt true information just saying :D ) I am from Leeds, for my birthday I got some One Direction tickets, for March, read on to find how this and a note or a few, changed my life, forever :) hope you like it, its my first story, so please no hate, feel free to comment critism or good things though :)


96. studios again

Darcy's point of view

we all had a great time in bowling it was fun, so anyway when we got to the studios it had started snowing, I loved snow, so when arrived at the studios with the boys, we got mobbed by fans, "Darcy and Liam, you have to get back together, you we're made for each other" a fan spoke up, wow normally people would be glad when their favourite celebrity is single "im sure we weren't made for each other" I smiled.

"you are" the other person replied, "cmon cmon, get a little closer now, cmon cmon aint no way your gonna live without, cmon cmon, show each other what you think about yeaahhh" one started chanting in the tune to cmon cmon. all of us actually laughed, it was actually cute.

"we've been watching you from the start, theres something in your eyes, saying, you want, you want, you want each other really" another spoke up, (yeah I know it sucks, but yeah its just fun haha) what is this all about, "I thought some One Direciton fans hate on the girlfriends" I spoke up, "yeah, but the real fans, the best fans, only want the boys to be happy, and you made Liam happy, and since you made Liam happy, you make us happy, and also, you are so nice to us, the fans" a girl said, she only looked 10 and she looked like the quietest in the group.

"awww you guys are so sweet" I smiled, a tear fell, the 10 year old came to me and hugged me, I hugged back, "awwwww" everyone chorused, "this is why we love our fans" all 5 boys said at the same time, "group hug" Harry yelled, and so we all bundled together in a hug, once we all parted the boys talked to them and had more pictures, "please can i have a picture with you and Darcy please" a girl asked Liam, he looked at me, I nodded. he smiled and waved his hand for me to come here.

"could you hold hands please" she asked innocently, we looked at each other, "I dont think so" I said, "please" she pleaded, I looked at Liam, "no, cmon, we're not together" Liam told them, "please" they all started, we rolled our eyes, "fine" we both said, "yeeeey" they all cheered, Liam held his hand out, and I entwined our hands, a similar warm fuzzy feeling crept through my body, why did he do this to me.

it's so much complicated with Liam though, Liam and I are really close friends, and except for the other boys and Hope, he is the one person closest to me, they all cheered which snapped me back to reality including the other boys, so the girl stood in the middle in front of us as her mum took the picture. she thanked us.

little did we know we was still holding hands, we had forgotten in the excitement, "umm...guys" Harry sniggered, "what" Liam and I said in unison, "you two are still holding hands" Louis chuckled, then we looked down and saw our entwined hands, we quickly let go and we giggled awkwardly. the other boys laughed as we made our way to the sudios.

when we got in the studios, Simon looked shocked to see me, I guess they didn't tell him that I was coming, "hello Darcy, we've not seen you in ages" he smiled, Simon's a big softie really, "I know, its been to to long" I joked, we always had a joke SImon and me, "yep it has, we've missed you" he smiled, "awww, missed you to uncle Si" I chuckled."awwww, right boys get to work" Simon ordered. and so the boys got to work, Josh, the drummer was the only one out of the bands band that turned up.

the boys we're making lyrics and they we're good to, Simon and I was next to them observing, he asked me how Liam living me was, and he asked Liam how he was, and whether he liked being in the same house as me, none of them knew we we're sleeping in the same bed, which is a good thing, they would so torture us for the rest of our lives, the phone rang and SImon went to answer it,.

when he got back, he said, "right boys and Darcy you cant take Louis' car back, its been towed" Simon reported, "what" we all screeched, "yep, apparently he was parked on double yellow lines" Simon laughed, he found this situation funny, "ive got my car but only 3 of you can fit in, Josh needs a lift to" Simon replied, "ill walk then" i volenteered, "are you sure" Niall spoke up, I nodded, "now one more" Simon said.

"I will walk" Liam spoke up, "awwww cute" the others say, "what now" Liam sighed, "you two are so cute" Zayn spoke up, "you mean Darcy and Liam" Simon spoke up, they nodded, "they are arnt they" Simon grinned. "not you to" Liam and I both said, "sorry" he replied, "so its sorted, you three are coming with me, and Liam and Darcy are walking, just be careful" SImon warned, we nodded and they got back to work. at 10 pm,  the studio time ended. we said goodbye to the boys, and off we went on our walk home.

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