My Boy band Boyfriend

A Fan Fiction about being the girlfriend of George Shelley, Union J. Follow your fantasy's of Holidays, Christmas and going on tour with your boy band boyfriend.


1. On Holiday with Union J

“I love you so much, you know that don’t you’ George whispered in my ear as we headed towards the plane. His warm, minty breath flowing down my neck.

“So, where are we going?” I asked for the one-millionth time!

“You will just have to wait and see!” George teased.

We were going on a special holiday to celebrate the boys having completed their first tour and their number one single and album...Oh and Mine and Georges one year anniversary!

 “Hey guys hurry up! Your gonna miss the plane!!” Jaymi shouted from ahead.

“Yeah come on lovebirds, you can walk faster than that!” Josh said cheekily, arm in arm with his girlfriend, my best friend, Esme.  As we boarded the plane we handed our tickets to the airhostess and she directed us left...left to the first class seats! I had never flown first class so I was very excited as I took my seat with George on one side and Esme and Josh on the other. Esme and I had been best friends since we were at senior school and were practically inseparable! We used to fangirl over Union J all the time and had always loved the boys so much! Our dreams became a reality when we got backstage passes to the X factor tour and well...The rest is history! Jaymi and Olly were sitting in front of us with Chloe their best friend. Everyone has called Jaymi and Olly Jolly,since x factor days and now their happily married! JJ is sitting across the aisle from George with his love girlfriend Rachel and our other best friend Kallie.

Then the pilots booming voice was heard throughout the plane “Now I hope most of you will know where your going on this plane tonight, but there’s one special young lady who doesn’t.” He said. My heart began fluttering in my chest and George squeezed my hand tightly. “So Sophie Maclean, your boyfriend George is taking you to go to Barbados!”

“Ah oh my god! George!!! Thank you soo much!” I screamed!

Loads of people were staring at us now, maybe because I was screaming or maybe because I was sitting with one of the biggest boy bands in the world…


We stepped off the plane and a wave of humidity hit us. The sun glared down on me and I was wishing I was wearing shorts in stead of these leggings. Esme squeezed my hand tightly and said “This is going to be the best holiday ever!” I smiled and ran down the airplane stairs, Esme running after me, the wind blowing in my golden hair. I ran up behind Jaymi and hugged him “Hey little chicken!” Jaymi laughed.


After a long taxi ride, spent gossiping with Kallie,Chloe and Jolly, whilst George slept and Rachel and JJ and Esme and Josh snogged ect, we arrived at some white gates. There were two security gaurds outside but no one else was visible. It was unusual for there not to be fans waiting for the boys but I guess Barbados was yet to get JCat fever! I shook George awake as the car drove up a palm tree lined driveway and came to a stop beside a beautiful white villa. “Wow” everyone said simultaneously except for George who just sat there with this cheeky smile that said ‘Yes I know I’m amazing at choosing villas!’


That evening we sat on the beach drinking cocktails and playing dares…As everyone got up to play another game of Frisbee George took my hand and led me to the waters edge. He looked deep into my eyes as I looked deep into his chocolate brown eyes. “Your beautiful” he whispered “You have no idea how much I love you” I didn’t even know how to reply so I just wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly…


That night there was the awkward situation of who would sleep in what bedroom. The Villa had 4 bedrooms and Jaymi and Olly were married so obviously they were going to share a room. Then there was a room with two single beds, a room with a double bed and one with 2 double beds. After a lot of persuasion George and I got the room with the double bed! Leaving Esme and Josh sharing with JJ and Rachel and Kallie Chloe got the room with the single beds. “Nu”night everyone!” George called as he led me up the stairs and put his hand over my eyes as we reached the bedroom. He led me inside the room and counted to 3…He took his hands away and I opened my eyes; It was a fairytale bedroom…The four poster bed had flowing white curtains and rose petals sprinkled on the bed. A cool breeze wavered in from the open balcony doors, looking over the starry night sky and inky black sea. Everything was silent..apart from the humming of frogs and the wind in the palm trees..


I woke up in the morning with my head on Georges chest, his arms wrapped around me and my messy hair laid over his tee-shirt. I lifted my head and looked at George..He looked like a sleeping baby, his breathing was soft and rhythmic. I kissed him gently on the cheek and he opened his beautiful eyes...

“It’s so early!” George moaned “and sooo bright!” He said as he shut his eyes tight. “Okay Mr Lazy” I giggled “I will go and make us some breakfast, come down soon though-Don’t want to miss any sunbathing time!”


As I reached the kitchen I could hear Jaymi singing and some other voices. The smell of fresh fruit and coffee wafted in the air. “Morning everyone!” I said as I saw Jaymi, Olly and Chloe huddling over a magazine. Kallie seemed to be making everyone breakfast. JJ and Rachel were sitting on the terrace outside munching on cornflakes, chatting away. JJ and Rachel were the perfect couple! They always had something to talk about and they were both hilarious! Hmm ‘where are Josh and Essy?’ I thought.. and then I heard a scream from outside. I looked out of the shuttered window; Josh had pushed Esme in the pool! He then jumped in after her and gave her a big hug..awh they were so cute together! Now where was my George?!? Suddenly someone grabbed my waist from behind and I screamed! (I am sooo ticklish around my ribs/waist!) I spun around to see a mischievous looking George with messy hair and big grin on his face. “Morning Gorgeous” He beamed and kissed me on the cheak “ Morning Monkey!” I replied.

“Hey Kal, where’s my coffee?!?!” George asked cheekily.

“Here you go Georgiee boyy” Kallie replied handing George a mug of coffee and a banana. Kallie was like the bands best friend. We all love her but sometimes I do feel a bit sorry for her when were all couples and she’s single but she has Chloe I guess. Kallie’s lovely and we became really close when the boys were on tour- she defiantly missed them as much as I did!


“Sophs, hurry up in there! I need to pee” George called from outside the bathroom door. I remained silent as I looked at my reflection in the bathroom mirror- Mascara ran down my cheeks as all I saw in the mirror was chubbiness. I couldn’t go outside in my bikini Esme,Chloe and Rachel were all so skinny..the boys would laugh at me..George was knocking on the door so I wrapped a towel around myself and un locked the door. As I opened it George burst in but stopped as he saw my face “Sophs what’s the matter?” He asked gently. I started crying more and as I tried to walk away he pulled me into my chest, held me tight and let me cry. After a few minutes he asked me what the matter was again and I told him that I felt fat, too fat to wear a bikini in front of everyone..In front of him. “Sophs please don’t cry” George said as he squeezed my hand “Your not fat at all I promise..Your really skinny the same size as Essy and Chloe and Rachel I promise” He eyes widened and he looked as though he might cry too.

“You know how self conscious I am “ he said his voice becoming slightly shaky “But I didn’t realize you felt the same way. It breaks my heart to think you feel the same way that I feel” he continued “But you have no need to feel that way, your gorgeous and skinny and to me your perfect”

“But your perfect too” I whispered back to him “and I so want you to believe that, girls all over the world are in love with you and I know you’ve been through a lot but please don’t let that hold you back.” George had tears in his eyes as I said this.

“I tell you what” he said as he wiped a tear from my face “If you come outside in your bikini then I will come in trunks and no top, deal?”

“Deal” I said and we both smiled.

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