It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


1. Chapter 1

Skyler POV • "And one... last... click" I whispered quietly as I entered myself in the One Direction concert ticket giveaway. My finger pushed down on the mouse almost hard enough to break it. A loud clicking noise hummed across the room and a couple people looked up at me. It's a free study hall period for me, and I'm spending the time I can in the computer lab, as I don't have a laptop OR desktop at home. One Direction... I just want tickets to their concert. That might make my life just a little better. It might make my life actually worth living for? No... Nothing is worth what I go through. What I have to deal with every day without my brother, Jacob. I want him back home. I need him with me! He must protect me from our parents. "One Direction fan are you?" someone sneered from behind me and chuckled. I exited Safari quickly and shut the computer off within seconds. After turning around to see who was there, I stood up and started to walk away, keeping my head down. "Those gay boys won't come to save you" I heard him say from behind me. I whipped around quickly and saw Timber standing there. He took another step forward and chuckled, as I jumped back trying to get away from him. I kept my head down so I didn't have to look into his evil eyes. "Look at us little girl" I heard his best friend say from beside him. Mason. They were the rulers of the school. If they tell you what to do, you do it. Or else.
I looked up frightened at them as they glared at me. Mason stood next to Timber, on the right. He wore jeans and a dark T-Shirt, Timber wore khakis and a similar T-Shirt. They stood towering over me with their amorous heights. Masons hair completely covered his forehead as it curved over to the left side, and Timber had a buzz cut. "What are you looking at?" Timber sneered at me. " said to look up" I whispered in fear. "I didn't say that! Mason did!" He huffed and shoved me back. I groaned in pain as he pushed right on my bruises. Really, everywhere I had bruises though. "Look at us punk!" Mason yelled as they once again approached me. "Why do you like those freaks?" He asked. I looked up at them in confusion. Timber chuckled, "One Direction, idiot" he said. "What about them?" I whimpered. "You entered a contest for tickets to see them didn't you!" he asked in a sour voice. "Yes...but--" I started. "Why do you like those stupid gays!" Mason yelled. A tear rolled down my cheek as I stepped back again. They followed me as I backed up and hit the wall. They once again towered over me and chuckled. "Stupid gay boys can't even sing!" They said. "They are NOT gay and they CAN sing!" I screeched at them. Bad decision. I don't remember anything after Timber's fist colliding with my cheek.
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