Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


1. Chapter 1

My nanny dropped me off at the airport in New York at around 5:00. I stepped out of her car and looked around. People rushing, cars everywhere, and loud noises coming from every direction. I looked over to see Jess, my nanny, take my two suitcases out of her car. "Here you go" she said kindly as she rolled them over to me. "I'm going to miss you" I said to her and she gave me a big hug. Jess was the only person who cared about me. My friends didn't even bother saying goodbye and my parents won't notice that I'm gone. Jess took care of me when I was taken away from my parents. I lived with her for two weeks before I was told that going to England would be better. I disagreed but they didn't care. Getting rid of me was their goal. When I say their, I mean New York City itself. Nobody and nothing here wanted me. Everything just wanted to chew me up and spit me out into another world. "Thank you, Jess. For everything" I said before walking away from her into the airport. I checked my luggage and went through security in about 20 minutes. Immigration at this airport was hard. There were lines so long I couldn't see the start of them, and they were moving slow. I waited for about two hours before walking up to the lady, handing her my pass port. "Name, age, and country you're traveling to?" she asked kindly. "Liv, I'm 17, and going to England" I said and looked down. I was 17! Almost 18 and people still had to care for me. She smiled at me and asked what was wrong. I just grabbed my passport and walked away slowly. "Have a nice flight!" she called back trying to make me feel better. But nothing, nothing at all, could make this any better. Gate 17D. I looked down at the plane ticket. Walking through the airport I saw groups of girls everywhere. More then usual. They were all teens and looked to be crazy and girly. I just walked past them and over to Gate 17D. Sitting down I noticed not many people were going to be on this flight. Only about ten other people were waiting. I looked back towards the long, wide hall that led to other gates. Someone was walking towards me. He wore a black coat, hood up, and shades, almost like he was trying to cover his face. He came down and sat next to me. Looking over into my eyes, he took off the ray-bans revealing his beautiful green eyes. "Hi, I'm Harry" he said in a cute British accent. "I'm Liv" I said nervously. There was something familiar about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. They way his brown curls fell over his forehead perfectly, the way he smiled, the way he looked into my eyes. He seemed so familiar. I must know him from somewhere. I eyed him down trying to figure it out and he looked at me awkwardly. "Something you need?" he asked laughing a little. "No, you just... I feel like I've seen you before" I said still questioning his looks. "Do you like music?" he asked me. "No..." I said slowly then continued, "I've never been into any kinds of music, it's just... not my thing" I said slowly and he looked at me with a questioning face. "Ever heard of One Direction?" he asked me quietly. "Yeah, I've heard of them but... I don't listen to their music" I said and he looked shocked. "What? Is there a problem with that?" I asked jokingly. "No..." he continued. I looked at him closely. Oh... My... God.... "Wait... You're Harry Styles?!?!" I screamed.



hey guys im back with my new movella, 'meant to be' and i hope that y'all will carry on reading through till the end and comment what you think about my movellas and stuff because i always like a little feedback whether it's good or bad.... so yeah enjoy the movella and i guess ill see you in the next update... chloe

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