My Bad Boy - Justin Bieber Love Story

Hey guys! I'm from Norway, and I'm 14 years! :)
Been a Belieber since 2009 (:

This is an Justin Bieber story, but Justin is acting like Jason McCann. Justin is kidnapping and raping girls. He is a badass ;) But he doesn't make bomb and stuff. Are you exited? :D


1. Chapter 1 - Long one

New story!! :D I think most people realize how the story is going to be when you read the title ;) YES, lots of perverse, drama, love, jealousy, flirting, hate. Everything! Here are some IMPORTANT info:  

- Justin is NOT famous in the story 
- Selena is not in the story 


Hey! Wow... awkward beginning. My name is Nicole, 16 years old, and is an only child and live with my mother. My parents got divorced a long time ago. And my dad is married again, and has a girl who is 9 years now. We have no contact, but he calls sometimes.


"Come on, honey!" Mom said impatient. We were now on our way to our new house in Canada, Stratford. "Relax" I said and rolled my eyes. We took a taxi from the airport, and it was only 10 minutes left. I sighed several times. "What is it?" said my mother even more annoyed this time. "I don’t want to move! Why do you have to ruin my life, huh? I had the perfect boyfriend, the perfect best friend! But of course you had to get a job in Canada!" I almost screamed. She just ignored me the whole car ride, which luckily wasn’t far.

We went out and took all the suitcases, which were not many, because most of the things were sent here. I turned toward the house and got a shock. Wow! "So… are we going to stay here!?" I screamed and jumped. "Yes," my mom said, and looked very happy. I grabbed my bags and ran into the house.

//Something like that//

The outside was beautiful, so I'm looking forward to see my room. "Up the stairs, first door on the left!" I heard my mom say. "Thanks" I said and ran up. I opened the door and grinned. Hmm ... Maybe I like it here anyway? The room was purple, just the way I like it! It was very modern but girly at the same time.    

//+ make up table and stuff//

It was two other doors in my room, so I checked them out. What the fuck! Private bathroom and walk in closet!?

//I didn't find a bathroom, but just look for you your dreambathroom

"Nicole, come here!" I heard my mum shout while I checked out my new bathroom. "Coming!" I yelled back and ran down the stairs. "What?" I asked. "I just thought you could go out exploring Stratford bit" she said innocently and gave me money. "Yeah okay" I said and took the money. "You have my number, and remember that the address is *RandomAddress*" she said seriously. "Yea yeah" I said. I put on my Converse and walked out. The weather was so awesome  here!

I saw a park nearby and walked towards it. I saw an empty bench, so I sat down. Thoughts began to purr around my head. It was school tomorrow ... I asked my mom if I could start a little later, but she just responded with "No". I felt something hit me in the head. "Ahh" I groaned. (do not think perversely) "I'm so sorry" I heard a voice say. I turned and saw a boy standing there a little shocked. "It's alright" I said and smiled. "I'm really sorry, me and my friends played football and the-," he said before I  interrupted him. "No seriously, it's okay" I said and giggled. He just looked at me for a moment before he smiled.


"So, what's your name?" he asked. "Nicole, and you?" I said. "I'm Alex" he said and smiled. "Are you new here?" he asked and looked around. "Yes, I came to Stratford for less than half an hour ago" I said and laughed. "Oh, what school do you start at?" he asked curious. "*Random School*" I replied. He was so cute! "Seriously? Me too" he said and hugged me. "Oops, sorry" he said, embarrassed. "I like hugs" I replied, looking down. "Here's my number, bye" he said and handed me a paper. "Bye" I said, and save the number on my IPhone. "Alex ..." I muttered and smiled.   I started to walk home happy. A new friend already  Not bad Nicole! "I'm home!" I shoutes. "The kitchen!" I heard my mom say. Where is the kitchen? I searched bit before I found it. Wow! "Nice" I said smiling. "I know right" she said in her own dreamworld.


"So, what are you cooking?" I asked, licking my lips. "Taco" she said.    "Thanks for dinner" I said and put the plate in the dishwasher. "You're welcome, now you must sleep," she said serious. "It's school tomorrow Nicole" she said, and cleared the table. "Okey" I said curtly and walked into my awesome room! I quickly changed to pajamas and lay down in bed after brushing my teeth and removing the makeup.


What do u think? <3

PS: Nicole is not as innocent as you think ;) She flirts a lot and like to take revenge! (Hint hint)                       

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