Nobody Compares

Nafja lives alone with her dad since her mom left one day without saying anything. They had a little house in London and Nafja had a great live but one day her dad came home with another woman. Her name is Caroline and she has a daughter in the same age as Nafja. Caroline was actually really nice but Alice , her daughter was trying to do anything to ruin Nafja´s life. What is going to happen when Nafja meets a member of One Direction and they fall in love? Will Alice ruin their relationship like she ruined everything else in Nafja´s life? Read the story to find out :)


7. Better keep an eye on him

Nafja´s POV:

I followed the nurse through the hallway until she suddenl stopped and pointed over to a room with the number 356. ,, She is in there, you can go in" she said and left. I walked over to the door and suddenly I felt really guilty. I knocked softly and opened the door. She was laying in a white bed and had a bandage wrapped around her face. She also had a plaster on her nose. I entered and just stared at her. She didn´t notice me until I cleared my throat. I just stood and stared her what seemed like hours. ,, Alice , I-I ermm.." I wanted to say something but it didn´t  work. ,, You wanted to see me?" I whispered and walked over to her slowly. ,, Yeah " she said and looked out of the window. ,, You know that this won´t make me like you Nafja" she said with a smirk. ,, What you did could maybe be the reason that your life might get even worse you know?" she said. All the guilt I felt was gone. I just kept on staring at her. At her and her stupid smile. ,, I heard you had a little chat with a cute boy. Niall horan is his name isn´t it?" she asked. ,, Who told you that?" I asked. ,, Well I asked the nurse where you were and she told me that you were sitting in the waiting room talking to her and then I asked her to get you" she answered. ,, Oh did someone in this room fall in love with a stupid little idiot?" she asked and laughed. I blushed because I knew that I might have a tiny little crush on him. ,, He is no idiot!" I nearly yelled. ,, Well I hope he won´t get hurt " she whispered in my ear. ,, What do you mean?" I asked in shock.  I know that I don´t really know Niall but he is so caring and he is just really cute. ,, Well I don´t know lets just find out when I come out of this hospital" she said with a smirk. I was really scared now. I don´t want that anybody gets hurt because of my problems with her. ,, I guess you should go now" she said and waved her hand over to the door. ,, Bye sweetheart I love you and better keep and eye on Niall" she said as I backed away from her bed and made my way over to the door slowly. Her word kept on repeating in my head ,, ... better keep an eye on Niall...... Well I hope he won´t get hurt....". Shit I only met him today but he already means really much to me, like I kinda know what ,, Love at first sight,, means now. I walked out of the hospital and took a taxi to our apartment. When I got home and made myself comfortable on the couch and tried to forget the drama of the day I got a text. It was from Niall. I wasn´t sure if I should rather cry or be happy.  I opened it and read ,, Hey Nafja I am really happy that I met you today and I can´t wait for tomorrow ... well only if you still want to meet. Well anyways please tell me when I should come to pick you up :) Niall Xxx"

A/N: GUUUUUYS I know this wasn´t long at all and I´m really sorry but I hope you still like it :) love you lots Alyssa Xxx

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