Nobody Compares

Nafja lives alone with her dad since her mom left one day without saying anything. They had a little house in London and Nafja had a great live but one day her dad came home with another woman. Her name is Caroline and she has a daughter in the same age as Nafja. Caroline was actually really nice but Alice , her daughter was trying to do anything to ruin Nafja´s life. What is going to happen when Nafja meets a member of One Direction and they fall in love? Will Alice ruin their relationship like she ruined everything else in Nafja´s life? Read the story to find out :)


1. Oh how I hate thís girl

Nafja´s POV:

I sat on my bed in my room and listened to music when someone knocked on my door. ,, Who is it?" I yelled. ,, It´s me, Dad" ,, Ok, come in". My dad walked trough the door and sat next to me. ,, Nafja I need to talk to you. Caroline and I think that you and Alice should try to get along so we decided that you both should spend the summer holidays together so we bought you a flight to Australia. I know you allways wanted to visit Australia and we found some cheap flights so we just took the chance." ,, Dad I don´t want to spend my holidays with her!! She is mean she ruined so many things in my life. I can´t even go to school without any problems because of her. She is so annoying!" ,, I know that you don´t like her but please try it". ,, Ok I will think about it but thats no a ´yes´" ,, Well but don´t take to long your flight is allready leaving in 3 days" ,, WHAT?? You already booked the flight? Why didn´t you ask me earlier you know that I don´t want to go!" ,, I know darling but please do it for me. We are not living like a normal family at the moment!" He looked sad now and I know that he misses mum as much as I do. ,, Maybe because we are NO FAMILY!" I yelled. ,, Ok thats it , you will fly to Australia with Alice.I don´t care if you want to or not !" He walked out of my room and slammed the door shut. I burried my face in my hands when I heard the door open again. I looked up and saw Alice standing in the door gap with a cheeky smile. ,, This is going to be so much fun Nafja. I can´t wait to spend more time with you" she said , turned around and walked away. Oh how I hate this girl.

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love you all alyssa <3

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