Secret from India.

Hi, my name is Emma, Emma Payne to be exact. Yes, my last name is Payne. You might know my older brother, Liam. He is the popularest guy in school, along with four other hot guys I must say. And they have been best friends with each other since the first day of kindergarden. Me? Well, let me just say I shine in the lowlight. And his friends don't have any idea he has a sister. Heck, they don't know me! Liam wanted the word to go out about me, that I'm his sissy, but since im uglier, fatter and shamed of what I am, I say no. Obviously, some people recognised my last name to be the same as Liam's, but I say it's just a coincidence, and our last name is the same, but it doesn't mean we relate. And surprisingly, people buy it. What happens when he tells everyone? Well ever since, an exchange student from India has been my best friend. Her name is Iskita. Marxh break soon came and she wanted me to come with. Well, what if I were to say, something... so bad happens that I couldn't tell Liam?


1. Noisy Blowdryers and Spoonfighting.

I woke up unexpectedly to the noisy blowdryer being used by my older brother, Liam. I was mad at him, because first of all, I love sleeping. And second of all, I can't fall back asleep until 12 or so hours go by. And I was guessing it was early.

"Liam!" I shouted.

"What Em?" He yelled through the noise of the blowdryer down the hall.

" I was sleeping! You know I love sleeping!" I screeched.

" I'm really sorry Em, but you know I hate having wet hair after a shower!" He yelped.

" I know, but why are you taking a shower so early in the morning?" I yelled.

" Early? It's already lunch time!" He answered, turning his blowdryer off. 

I guess he was done blowdrying his hair? He came in my room and leaned his head on my doorframe. I threw a pillow at his face. "Alright, I guess I deserve it." He says, throwing the pillow back. "Were you trying to hit my face as payback?" I asked, raising one of my eyebrows to him. "Maybe..." He answered. "Oh you are so getting it." I say and chase him out of my room, down the hall, downstairs and into the kitchen. He immediately knew what I was doing as payback.

I grabbed a soup spoon and threw it at him. He screamed and ran upstairs and into his room and locked it before I could enter. "Let me in!" I pounded on the door. "Never!" "Pwease Lili?" "Not until that spoon goes back in the drawer!" "Ok, I think I tortured you enough. And if you try to have revenge on me, you know I will do it again!" "Yes! Just go put that away!" I walked downstairs and put it away and laughed in my mind. How is he scared of these things?

I went back upstairs and stood back in front of Liam's door. " Ok, it's in the drawer like you said!" " Ok!" He walked out of his room, and there stood my ridiculous brother wearing pillows on his chest, a football helmet on his head, knee and elbow pads and boxing gloves on his hands. I raisedmy hands up like being arrested. " I'm clean." He walked all around me and checking my body to investigate if I had any spoons. "Ok, you are. Now shall we go out for breakfast?" He asked hopeful I would say yes. " Not until you take that ridiculous stuff off of you!" I laughed .  " Ok. Give me a few seconds Emma." He said, going back in his room and removing his gear. "Now that you look normal, let's go have brunch!"



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