House Number Six

I got tired. I rose from the floor with a sore throat, I’ve been up here for about 3 hours and I had only about twenty pictures. My body was craving water. Maybe Mark had some. I peered from the roof to see him sitting in front of the house staring into space. I stretched. What is that? Is that a shadow? Is someone in the house? But Alicia said no one entered the house after the daughter and the governor. It’s coming from that dark corner. Could it be Mark? No way, he’s down there! WHAT IS THIS? I knelt down and put my eye into the lens. I see a silhouette of a human with things draping from its arms. HELL NO! What the ………………………!!!??!!???! Oh…… My………. GOD!!!NO WAY!!


1. The Address

House no. 6, Niffer St., 7th Av., London, England, The British Isles, Europe.

The ‘British Isles, Europe’ part is kind of ironic. I mean why on earth would she put that in? I’m not from another planet. Well, I don’t know what Alicia thinks. That was where I was going for my photo shoot. I was assigned to do the Halloween background photos. Alicia left this last night on my desk. I was told she picked this decaying, ancient house for my scene. I’m not supposed to enter the house as it is some historical monument thing that isn’t open for visitors, but we have the permission to have some captions from House Number Five. It’s a more of a building than a house. Four floors and a roof. I’ll get up there and take shots with my new professional camera which has zoom lens with focal length of 300x.

To my surprise Alicia has ordered me a cab previously to take me to my destination. Don’t assume that was a nice thing, she did so because she thought I would slack and be there late then I would have to rush through my captions. Well, an average of two hundred captions needs a hell lot of time and effort, that’s why I scheduled to be here for two weeks to take my time. Well, The Real Deal isn’t a crappy magazine. About 70% of magazine readers worldwide regularly read our magazine and 66% of celebs promote and support us, we aren’t just any old thing. Plus, I get more than a handful of money. So, I can’t hand in substandard. Also the pictures get published with my name- it’s my photographer rep.

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