The Time-Keeper's Dungeon

The life of Christina Fontay is anything but normal. With her wings and her lunatic mother, the Doncaster Girl is puzzled and quite awkward about it. This book is hilariously cheeky, heartwarming and will blow your fuzzy Captain America socks right off with the suspense and action. ENJOY, MY CUPCAKES!!! *MWAH* LOVE YAH!!

-Captain America



Time was slowing down...My arms and legs felt like jelly, to wobbly to use correctly. I reached my hand for the handle of the big machine that almost perished my life. But, suddenly, power jolts through me. I crash through the 400 floors of the dungeon, one by one, each floor more painful than the first. Spikes, arrows, and knives launched themselves at me. I needed an escape fast. I push hard through the air and my angel-white wings flutter out. This is the life of Christina Fontay.

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