Expect the unexpected


I am just an ordinary girl from Melbourne, nothing good ever happens to me.

I've been waiting for my princess, but I'm scared when I find her she will get taken away.


2. In Brighton

Kiera's P.O.V

Once we had landed I was sad that I had to part from Finn but I did come with my sister so I can't think about boys even when they are as sexy as him OMG the thought of him made a massive smile appear on my lips. We exchange numbers, but that I'm not telling Bianca.

"Bye" I said to Finn s we walked out of the terminal.

"Bye my lovely I hope you don't get sick from my sneeze

"he said in that voice that made me melt "well don't forget you promised to take care of me if I do so

" I said as I looked into those big green eyes

"I hope I get sick then" I said almost as a whisper hoping that he didn't hear me but he did

"so do I" said Finn. We stood there starring into each others eyes for some seconds until we heard

"come on Kiera" come from Bianca's moth and as much as I didn't want to leave him I had to other wise Bianca would get mad at me for ditching her.

Bianca's P.O.V

Looks like Kiera has made a "friend" if you know what I mean, and a well fit one at that. I was hoping that we would spend our time in Brighton together but it seems like I will have to make some friends. Oh well at least one of us will be having a good time this week.

As we walked to grab our site cases from the thing that thing that the luggage goes around on, I saw five boys next to us looking for their luggage too I knew the boys from somewhere but I couldn't remember where, but I did still have JetLag so I didn't try to hard to remember them. But then I saw My suitcase come through so I ran to it but it was where the 5 boys were so I had to go over

As I walked over to grab my suitcase from where the boys were  

" hi boys can I please squeeze through my suitcase is just there" I said

 "No" i heard one of the most sexy bad boy British accents say i turned around and a tan boy with black hair with a blond streak through the front top bit Witch was slicked up like a skateboard ramp but in a sexy way

 "why?" I said with a confused look on my face still getting over his voice

"Because you shouldn't be carrying a big suitcase like that" he said and smiled at me
I giggled

"But who else will its only me and my sister and she has her own to carry" I said pointing to Kiera.

"Boys I think these girls need help so grab that suitcase Niall" he said as the a boy with brown hair that had blond all through it (and flicked up like the boy with black hair) grabbed my pink suitcase. That's when my brain clicked and I realised it was One Direction and that was Niall and the the tan one with black hair was Zayn but I tried to keep my cool
I giggled and said "thank you but you really don't need to" I said hoping that he wouldn't listen to me

"Erhh this is not light  how could you drag it around all by yourself? please I would rather take it for you I wouldn't want you to hurt your back"

"Are you shore and I'm not that weak" I said with a cheeky smile on my lips an giggled a bit

"It would be a grate pleaser for me  my princess" Niall said as he  down in front of me joking around

"You're so adorable" I said not realising that I said it out loud "I know" he said in a sarcastic but cute voice.

"But you are more adorable not to mention very beautiful" Niall said and all the boys nodded, I was about to pass out I mean like omg breath breath I thought to myself and giggled shyly  

"thank you" I said and a small smile appeared on my lips as I looked at the ground because not many guys have called me beautiful before

"we'll then let's go" said Louis very excitedly.

As we walked over to Kiera i saw that she was on her phone i think she was texting someone I didn't know who but I had a feeling that it was that fit boy from the plane.

Kiera's P.O.V

I looked up from my phone and saw Bianca walking over with 5 very fit guys, And one of them was carrying her suitcase

" hi I'm Louis" said a cute boy wearing a striped shirt, braces and a pair of red skinny jeans with a massive smile on his face. Then I realised it was One Direction

"hey, I'm Kiera" I said when a smile appeared on my lips to.

"so where are you lovely girls staying?" Said Liam

"One style what about you boys" Bianca said all the boys faces lit up

"OMG           you wouldent believe it but that's where we are staying too" said Louis


"YAY now I can take take your suitcase for you" Niall said with I smile so big I though his face would break.

"Ok so lets go" Louis said and grabbed my suitcase as he walked to the front of the airport I smiled and followed with the rest of them behind me walking I turned around and said

"come one guys" with a cheeky smile on my face then I saw Zayn start to run towards me so I turned back to the front of the air port and ran but Zayn was faster and he grabbed my shoulders from behind gently (witch made me stop)and said

"come one go faster" in a cheeky voice and I giggled but quickly started running again until I caught up to Louis Zayn still behind me

"you are a pretty fast runner" Zayn said a bit puffed out

"no I'm just faster then you" I said a bit puffed out too then Zayn grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him and said quietly

"never" and the let go and sprinted off out the front of the air port still fluttered about what just happened I quickly ran after him but this time he was a lot faster like before he was just letting me win but once I got out the air port door I couldn't see him the I felt two hands rap around my waist and a head on my shoulder

" I told you" Zayns voice said  and it made me giggle I mean being this close to him felt like a dream. Then he spun me around and looked in to my eyes and said

"I have a surprise for you" in a soft voice I quickly looked over his shoulder and saw that Bianca and the boys were all walking together in a deep convocation and were about a 2 minute walk from the outside because they were walking pretty slow and the airport was massive and empty and 3am.

"Come on" Zayn said as he softly grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to a massive black stretch hummer I stood in front of it with my eyes and mouth wide open and he just stared at me and laughed.

"do you like?" He said

"NO" I said like i was angry and Zayn looked at the ground sadly and frowned

"I love" I said loudly and cheerfully then his head  rose and he smiled and hugged me and I hugged back

"I'm glad" he said and we let go. Then he opened the door and we jumped in it was massive and had champaign with glasses, a flag screen Tv and fluffy couches Zayn sat down on the couch and I sat next to him but left some space so he didn't think I was weird I really wanted to sit on his lap but that would be inappropriate.

"Why are you sitting all the way over there" Zayn said and grabbed my waist and pulled me over to him I put my head on his shoulder and he kept his arm around my waist the all the others walked in

" turtles are the best" I heard Liam say

"NO! Cats are" said Harry and Louis at the same time and they walked to the other side of the hummer and kept going on about that argument then Bianca and Niall walked in behind them and Bianca was as shocked as I was when she saw the inside but then again we are twins so I wasn't surprised about that.

"Off to One style please driver" said Niall in a captions voice. I could tell our time in Brighton was going to be amazing.

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