Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


1. Running

Ali's P.O.V

As always my mom was out shopping, my dad were working, even though he didn't need to. It wasn't exactly money we needed the most. My little sister were at a friend and me, well i was sitting on the couch and watched ''Pretty Little Liars''. All my friends was on vacation. It was summer time, why couldn't we go on trips together, we had the money, but because of my dad who thought his company would die if he didn't work every single day, we never had time together. Normally my mom helped him, but she had a week of, because of an old injury in her arm. She always told me that if i helped dad we could maybe get more time together, but yeah right. Don't get me wrong i love him, but he i seriously obsessed with his work, if i tried to help him he would try to rip my head of because i always do everything wrong. I sighed at turned of my telly. Not even PLL could get my mind of things. I walked downstairs and looked around. It felt so empty being in here alone. I saw the newspaper on the table. Some big head line cached my eye. ''Another teenager caught in the living nightmare'' I hoped for the person it wasn't what i thought. But of course.. What else could it be. Those insane men who kidnapped teenagers and left a note to their parents, saying that they would use their kid sexually and they wouldn't ever see them again. The parents to this kid, were so sad about this that they refused to talk to anyone, not even the family, or even the kidnapped's little sister could talk to them. I had a feeling they moved closer to Denamrk. They started with some girl in USA, then they took a boy from Italy, then a boy from England, and last they took Niall Horan, he was on vacation in Ireland. And yes, I am talking about THE Niall Horan from One Direction, the British/Irish boyband who kind of is the princes of music. I am a huge fan and like every bode else i was so sad for him. I wish i somehow could help him, nobody knew anything but the fact he was kidnapped and that his phone was found outside his home... But the worst thing about all this was that this girl in the paper was from Sweden... you know for me like half an hour by car and i was IN Sweden. I couldn't help but thinking of my best friend, she moved to Sweden half a year ago, i really hoped she wasn't getting into this to. 
And why shouldn't they take a trip inside Copenhagen and then, a girl or boy i maybe knew could be taken!? I tried to forget it, and the only one of my friends who wasn't on vacation had invitet me to a party tonight. Of course i wanted to go, my mum had told me ''Sweetheart, you are only 17, don't be out too late, and get right back here!'' Yeah right... In three moths i turned 18 and i could decide my self. A time i looked forward to! She acted like i was a little child, but seriously then i could take care of my self. I could do a little self defense and i knew the safe streets where nobody would dare anything, not even at night... 
But finally there was one one and a half hour until the party, so i could start getting ready, it was more a dancing party than a flirting thing, so i took my skinny jeans in bordeaux red, a tank top with some funny print on it and then my heels. I always wore heels, sometimes small, but tonight the big ones, the shoe was white, and the heel was very thin, and it had taken me a while to learn how to walk properly in them. But i've learned it and i knew for sure that i could dance in them! I took my phone, and did as my mom had taught me and putted it inside the bra. (No one would steal it there...) and i wouldn't need any money so i quickly put on a little make up, only so i didn't look like a zombie in the spotlights, and then curled my blond hair a bit. Then i locked the door and putted the key where mom told me to and left. My friend, who was named Maria by the way, lived two kilometers away so i needed to walk now to get there in time.
20 minutes later i could see her house, my feet hurt a bit from the walking, i had walked a little to fast. But i didn't mind, i wasn't going to run around to this party so it didn't bother me.

Marias P.O.V

She was starting to get a little pathetic... Ever since that boy from that band she was so upset about got kidnapped she had been all weird. She didn't even show up at our weekly ''Pretty Little Liars Night'' my dad had taped all the episodes from the last week and we were going to have a marathon, then she doesn't even show up and text me an hour later that she didn't feel like PLL that day... I would never show it, because she was one of my best friends, but she was SO annoying right now. And it all started two years time ago when she started getting all obsessed with this stupid band... They tore my best friend from me. She found a new best friend in Caroline, who also liked them. Luckily Caroline moved away 6 months ago, so i was trying to get my best friend back, and i had swore that i would. 
And I had to admit to my self that this party, only was to give my self another shot at getting her back. But why at all would she want me as a best friend, she was perfect in height, she had blonde hair and beautiful, green/grey eyes, her body had curves, but it was sexy, and she was SO beautiful. So was Caroline, not half as pretty as Ali, but she was pretty to... I was just a not very tall, to fluffy in the shaves and way to big eyes and big nose to the little mouth. I wasn't pretty, I had never been pretty, i was just that girl who always were there and didn't knew what she was doing there... Nothing ever went out good for me, this party, i made it yeah, but it was Ali who invited everyone. Because she is popular, or she has a lot of admirers, all the boys look at her, even the nerdy ones who would never have a chance. A lot of other girls were with her because of the attention from the boys, i am with her because we had fun and she was a really good friend, i think Caroline was so, and she didn't use her to get attention, she got attention by her self, she was the second prettiest girl on the entire college, until she moved away to Sweden, i think it was Sweden. 
I were friends with Caroline before... Before David. David was a pretty normal guy, by look. Inside he was every girls dream, we thought. He treated me like a princess. Right until i found out i wasn't his only princess, he was dating Caroline as well. I confronted him with it and Caroline heard me and we both left him, but we knew everything he had done to me, he had done to her as well, we couldn't really look in each others eyes anymore, it just started to feel worng. 
Okay my thoughts are getting to out of subject, the party, everybody could be here in seconds, i quickly started some music, turned down the normal lights and turned on the spotlights my dad had put up for me, thanks dad. I heard a loud knock on the door, followed by two more, that was Ali, she always knocked that way. One of the things i love about her, she does everything in her own way. I opened the door and there she was, prettier than ever. ''Maria! Thank good!!! I feel so alone at home, am I the only one yet?'' she ask while hugging me tight and stepping inside. ''Yeah, you are, there is still about ten minutes or so!'' but already after I had finished that sentence i heard a knock more on the front door. Ali was closer to it than me so she hurried to open it. ''ALLAN! CHRISTOPHER! LOUISE! ANNE!'' She yelled when four teenagers, same age as us, stepped inside, they all hugged her and said hello to me, i smiled and turned the music up a little bit. Everyone loved Ali, but none of these people had heard her talk about that band yet i could figure, but she only does that, in fact, when we are alone or on the phone with Caroline. Not long time after more people came. And after 15 minutes everybody had arrived and Ali closed the door. She went over and turned of the music and stood up on a table...

Ali's P.O.V

I stood up on the table next to the music and got people attention by whistling very loudly. ''Hello everybody!'' I half shouted. They all greeted me with smiles and small answers ''Okay let me get one thing straight, this is a party, why are we here!?'' They looked at me for an answer ''TO KEEP THE NEIGHBOURS AWAKE, LET'S HAVE SOME FUUUUN!'' I held on to the 'U' in fun and jumped down and turned on the music again. Everybody screamed to agree and we started dancing. I loved parties, they helped keeping my mind of things, and i really had a good time. Okay yes we are 17 year olds almost everybody, but we didn't party to get laid so nothing like ''that'' happened. Nothing i had anything to with at least. I were still a virgin, and i didn't have any reasons to change it yet. I wasn't ready to be a parent so i wasn't old enough to have the pleasures. I knew it sounded like a bad speech i would tell my dad so he would allow me to go to parties, but that was actually my point of that view were. Besides, then i wasn't at all ready to show my self in that way to another person. 
It was late now and everybody had left, i stayed a little to help Maria clean it all up, luckily no neighbors had complained, even though it could have been quite amusing, then none of us wanted trouble. When the only thing left was vacuuming the floor i decided to start walking home, i gave Maria a big bear hug and said ''Thanks for tonight, best night in a long time, do you want me to come over tomorrow? I don't have anything scheduled? She nodded  slowly, she was SO tired i could see it in her eyes, ''Great! See ya tomorrow sweetie!'' i yelled and walked out the door. It wasn't cold out side, luckily, i forgot my jacket and i only wore a tank top. My heels didn't hurt that much yet, the dancing hadn't been that wild and i didn't drink that much either. So freshly i started walking home. About halfway my phone beeped in my bra. Awkwardly i got it out and placed my bra on the right spot again. From: Mom ''Hey sweetheart, dad and I don't wanna stay up all night so we are going to bed now, the key is where you put it, just go inside and lock the door again! :)'' I sighed, is was only like half past midnight. Old school parents... I putted the phone back in the bra and continued walking, it was so boring. But i wasn't scared, i knew these streets. Nothing would happen, besides, there we're houses everywhere, people would get caught if they tried to do anything. I smiled at the thought of feeling so safe. I reached the little road at the forest, no houses until 200 meters forward where i lived to. I heard a car behind me and walked out in the side, didn't want to get hit by a car now. But the car didn't pass me, i looked over my shoulder. It parked, about 20 meters behind me. I continued walking, then i heard the engine on the car start again. It pulled up beside me. A little frightened i look inside the car. I was about to run now, it was two men all in black with masks. They just looked to familiar with those kidnappers. I bend down and took of my heels, i couldn't run in those, fast i breathed and then i started running. I ran behind the car, and though a hedge  I found a road and tried to figure out where i was. I heard footsteps behind me and looked, it was them! They had left the car and we're chasing me! I looked for a way out, there weren't anything but houses. Then i saw a little road, right between two big buildings. I rushed in there and shocked i stopped. I could feel tears coming.  i walked down in the end of the ''road''. It was a dead end. I sat down in the corner and heard the footsteps coming closer ''Good bye freedom...'' i whispered and closed my eyes.....

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