No Haylor

This is how I feel about Haylor and I bet a bunch of you do too love you all #nohate


1. I know I know

okay hey guys so pretty much I really hate Haylor. Ok so I know I know (chpt title tehe) that true directioners should respect their relationship I mean like I would if Taylor wasn't such a whore!!!! I mean she dated Taylor Lautner and let him go. WTMotherF!!! Who let's him go?!?!?! Okay so this is probably what she thinks when she single and know that she going to get a bf "okay so the plan is I act all sweet and then once he trust me I let him bye me some things so I won't have to spend my 1000000000000 dollars I have in the bank then I'll break up with him tell the world that he broke up with me and then write an album about how hen broke my heart." BITCH IF YOU BREAK HARRY HEART!!!!!!! omg I mean I love her songs and all but the fact that I know they are going to brake up that's going to break Harry heart and if I can't stand see my emeny cry what makes you think that I'll stand seeing him cry. Wow I feel like an overprotected mother lol. Okay so when I watched the vid of them kissing at the ball drop thing I couldn't stop crying actully now that I brought it up I'm crying and I don't mean one tear falling I mean breath taking bawling my eyes out that when I try to speak it kind of sounds li,e I have the hiccups. My mom was laughing at the fact at that but trust me if you don't agree with me don't just hate on me there is 6billion people thinking the same.and if you agree with me at least you understand. Look I am a directioner k I just am not full on the whole Haylor shit k it's just omg Harry needs to wake up before Taylor takes a scissor and tears up Harrys heart. If you guys don't agree with me or do idrgaf k umm please see my other movellas ecpacially My mom boyfriend the last chapter I updated on that kind of goes into this topic KK love you all haters or not bye I'll update soon about this xxxxxxx
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