C'mon C'mon

hey guys! This is my new fanfiction :) i hope you like it! well the book is about One Direction, Desi and Her awesome friends Catherine, Isabelle, and Hailey! Enjoy .. oh and who likes Haylor ? haha i sure don't .


5. Meeting The Boys

POV - Harry

After I dropped Desi off at home, I got a call from Liam. I quickly answered. He was freaking out, I was supposed to be home by 10pm but right now it's 11:30pm. I told Liam I would be home In about 5 minutes. I got home, parked my car in the garage, and walked in to see a worried Liam. He walked over to me, smelling my breath as I talked to make sure I wasn't drunk. He asked why I got home so late. "I met a girl, and wanted to take her to her house" I told Liam with a smirk on my face. "Oh god, who's the girl" Liam asked. "Her name is Desi, she has beautiful brown eyes, she's a really supportive Directioner, and she's really nice and funny" I told Liam with another smirk on my face. "Awwe Harry's in love" I heard Louis scream out from the kitchen.

I blushed, and walked into Niall's room to talk to him. He was wearing a white t shirt, and no pants on. Only his boxers. He was playing his guitar, when he saw me he stopped, and looked at me. "Hey, mate" Niall told me while putting his guitar away. "Hey" I told him. I sat on his bed, and all I could think about was meeting Desi. I couldn't stop thinking about her. "Whatcha thinking about" Niall asked in a deep Irish accent. "Just a girl I met today" I said pulling my phone out of my pocket. "Oh okay, you seem like you really like her." Niall told me getting up to sit next to me. "Yeah, kinda. I'm not really sure" I told him looking at the ground.

I texted Desi because I wanted to hangout soon. I told her I would pick her up at 7pm. I was going to take her to the beach, then after come back to my house so she can meet the lads. She texted me back and she was okay with my plan. I went to my room, took my clothes off and went to bed.

POV - Desi

I woke up in my bed in Catherine's room. She had tried to wake me up the first time, but I just put the covers over my head. The second time she started to play Rock Me and I jumped up and started dancing, and singing. After the song was over, I brushed my hair, washed my face, and walked down the stairs to eat breakfast. I had to walk back up the stairs because I forgot my phone on the charger. I walked down the stairs again and into the kitchen to see Catherine cooking.

I looked at the clock that read 3:47pm. I woke up really late. I ate my lunch Catherine cooked for me. I told Catherine I was going to go to the mall with my friend Karsyn. She let me use her car. I went back up the stairs and changed into some white jean shorts, blue toms, and a blue tank top. I stopped at Karsyn's house and picked her up as we were on our way to the mall in Atlanta. Once we got there we ran into Forever 21. We got crowded by a bunch of directioners asking me questions. "Are you and Harry dating" a girl asked me. She pulled out her phone and showed me the pictures of me and him holding hands leaving the Skating Rink last night. I ignored it and continued shopping.

I looked at my phone and panicked as it read 5:00pm. Karsyn and I ran to the car. She was confused why I was running. "Why are you in such a hurry?" Karsyn asked me. "I'm going somewhere with someone at 7pm" I told her. "Let me guess, it's Harry" she said with an annoyed voice. "Maybe" I snapped back at her. I dropped her off, and went back home.

I got home at 5:45pm and I rushed up the stairs. I took my clothes off while putting them into my dirty clothes basket. I got in the shower for about 25 minutes. I got out, and dried off. I went to my closet and picked out an outfit. I decided to wear some Black skinny jeans, Gray boots, a light pink shirt, and to top it all off a gray sweatshirt. I then went into the bathroom and curled my hair. I picked up my phone that read 6:50pm. I walked down the stairs and waited on the couch with Catherine. Someone knocked on the door. I opened it and saw Harry with a huge smile on his face. He leaned in for a hug, I hugged him for a short time. Catherine cleared her throat as to say stop. We stopped hugging. "Harry meet my best friend Catherine" I told him. Catherine got up and walked towards us. They shook each others hands. After, Harry took my hand as we walked out the door. I turned around to see Catherine looking furious.

We got in his car, and drove off. I had no clue where we were going. The car stopped and we opened our car doors. We got out, I was shocked. He had taken me to a romantic dinner at the beach. We walked, and walked until we stopped. It doesn't get dark until 9:00pm and it was only 7:30pm. We sat down, and started eating. After we ate, Harry got up and turned on some slow dance music. "Dance with me" Harry told me while tugging me out of my seat. We started slow dancing as the sun set. I laid my head on his neck, as I heard a bunch of Camera's go off. I turned around to see the paparazzi. We stopped, got our things, and left. "We're going to my house, Is that okay with you love?" Harry asked me. "Yeah, that's fine" I told him.

We then got to his house. He pulled out the house keys and unlocked his house door. He walked In first and I followed. "You must be Desi" a guy said to me in a British accent. I turned around to see Liam. I was trying not to Fangirl. "Yes I'm Desi" I told him. "Nice to meet you" Liam said walking over to me to shake my hand. I shook his hand. Soon Louis, and Niall welcomed me too. Zayn was out with Perrie. I went to the kitchen, when I noticed Niall was there. I fangirled in my head, because I was always a Niall's girl before I met Harry. Niall and I started to talk about the weirdest things. We became really good friends. I told him my friend Karsyn was in love with him as he just laughed. I let out a gasp as I felt someone's hand start to hold my waist. I quickly turned around to see Harry. Niall laughed at my reaction. Harry then let go of his grip, took my hand, and started to walk down a hallway.

We walked into his room. I took off my sweatshirt cause it was hot in his room. He sat on his bed, and took out his laptop. He started looking through a website. I got up, and sat next to him. He gasped when he saw his name and my name on the screen. I was curious, so I started to read it too. It was saying we are dating and it had a bunch of pictures of me and Harry slow dancing with my head on his neck. "How do they know my name?" I asked Harry. "I have no clue" he told me. I noticed I Left my phone in the kitchen with Niall. I slowly got up and started walking towards the door. "Where are you going love?" Harry asked with a confused look on his face. "To get my phone from the kitchen" I replied walking out of the door.

I walked out of Harry's room. I didn't know where the kitchen was. I on accident walked in Niall's room. He was only in his boxers. "I'm so sorry Niall I meant to walk into the kitchen." I told Niall closing my eyes trying not to look at him. "Haha it's okay, just turn left and make a right and the kitchen is right there" he told me. "Thanks" I replied running out of his room. I went to the kitchen, grabbed my phone, and went back to Harry's room.
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