Darkest Star, Brightest Shadow

There are some times in life where even the brightest of stars can become so dark and corrupt, that they are unstoppable. It is at this time of peril that a nobody, an insignificant little shadow, must step up to face the enemy. Umbra. Umbra must step up, and become the brightest of all shadows...


25. Final battle: Part one

Umbra slept most of the flight home. He needed to be wide awake for the upcoming battle. Umbra just hoped for Thorn's safety. He decided that he loved her; her mysterious ways; her amazing smile; her jet black hair. He was just too afraid to ask her if she loved him back.

"Elteras is near!" Carnelian called out. Thorn roused Umbra from his sleep. Her soft hand tapping his shoulder was the perfect awakening before the battle. Like last time, gaurds flew out to greet them. Prophet was on Inferno with Carnelian, Marcus riding Blizzard behind Aquila. This time, however, the gaurds were not as friendly.

"The royals are worried sick becuase of you! Why did you take the prince?" they demanded, green dragons hovering. Lazarus spoke up before Carnelian.

"They never took me." the prince growled. "I chose to go. Now let us past; we have to prepare for the battle." Lazarus looked at each of them, silently willing them to let them past. The gaurds guided their dragons to part, each of them giving Carnelian cold stares like everything was his fault. Carnelian did not argue; it would only waste time. They followed Lazarus downwards, landing in the south of Elteras, which was seperated from the main city by a mere fence. There were many trees here, all clustered and close together. Lazarus called out, at the top of his voice,

"ARMY! EQUIP YOURSELVES AND GATHER OUTSIDE!" Umbra listened as the sound of horns echoed through the trees, presumably ones that signalled for the army to ready themselves. Lazarus lead them through the trees, taking them to one of the largest and opening the door. Inside, were shelves of armour. He walked in a short way.

"Take what you want." He told them, gesturing to the entire armoury. Carnelian's team instantly went forwards, grabbing whatever fitted them. Battle was coming soon.


Fifteen minutes later, everyone had armour and weapons ready - including the entire army. Their depressive mood was infectious to Umbra. At least they wouldn't have to fight the goblin leader.

"We'll be right behind you." Carnelian assured Umbra, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder. Umbra gave him a weak smile.

"Yeah. But... I'm scared." he admitted. Only too true. Umbra was mortified.

"We all are. Except maybe Jet and Thorn, but they have nerves of steel." his leader told him, mounting Inferno. Carnelian opened his mouth to speak, as Jet hushed the audience. Nobody defied the dark angel. Nobody.

"Listen. We're all scared to death here. But you will just be fighting normal goblins. At least you don't have to fight their king. Umbra, the Protector, will be battling their king, while you fight the lesser goblins. Now, some may die in this fight. But we will win, for we are not weak and cowardly. We will WIN! So believe in Umbra. Believe in your prince, believe in YOURSELVES. And together, WE CAN WIN!" Carnelian shouted to the army. Cheers errupted from all around, from the warriors on their mounts. #

"So lets go to victory!" Lazarus yelled, springing into the air aboard Sundance. The dragon seemed excited and frisky - Lazarus could see why. With his mixed emotions, it was obvious that the dragon's mood would reflect it. Zephyr launched himself upwards, flying beside Blizzard, Sundance and Inferno. They could win... They had to win...


Finally, they arrived at the capital city of the goblins - Gerudor. Already, an army of goblins were waiting there. Like they'd known what was coming.

"Thorn..." Umbra whispered, wondering if he should tell her or not. "I... I love you." For seconds, the assassin did not reply, just sat in silence. Then, finally,

"Yeah. I love you as well, Umbra." she whispered back, looking at the goblin army in the distance. Umbra's heart jumped. He was so happy he wanted to scream in joy! Thorn loved him! Thorn loved him!

"Archers, fire!" Lazarus yelled, loosing the arrow from his bow. Umbra suddenly realised that he'd missed the order. Umbra snapped his fingers, and the arrowheads burst into flames, making sure that the arrows would hurt even more. Jet soared beside them, his black armour protecting him from the shower of arrows sent back in reply. Umbra sent a blast of air towards the oncoming arrows, turning them around and sending them back. With this, Jet helped, redirecting arrows at the goblins. For five minutes, the arrows were fired at each other, but it was mostly the goblins that had taken the hits, due to the elemental powers of Carnelian's team. Then, lazarus gave the order to attack. The army lunged downwards on their mounts, charging right into the golbins forces. Carnelian called upon skeletons with his enchanting voice, Jet, Umbra and Zephyr used their tornado powers to pick up goblins and thow them. Thorn, somehow, had managed to use her darkness energy to blast some of the goblins into nothingness. She looked even more beautiful when shooting black energy from her hands.

"My team!" Carnelian called. "This way. The Imperial's will be inside!" They followed thier leader down to the palace, bombarding the huge metal gates with fire until they opened. Eventually, it was Marcus who opened them with a sharp point of earth. Just as Carnelian had said, Imperial Dark Clan goblins were inside. And they did not look happy...


I sense the great evil here. It is here! But how? How can the thing, even worse than the goblins, be here? Surely it can't be... But I know it is. I sense it, and when I sense something, I do not sense wrong. Diving into the interior of the castle, Umbra tells me to go straight for the goblin king - who sits, looking calm and as if nothing is happening - on the throne. I dive forwards, dodging the Imperial's weapons they throw at me. As we are almost upon him, the goblin king holds out his hand, and I am suspended, unmoving, in the air. This is when I realise. There is no goblin king.He isn't a goblin. He IS the great evil. Slowly, his form shifts into another - Umbra. I gasp. It really is him - Talen! The shapeshifter! His two servants, the winged panthers, creep from behind his throne. The persuers... The ones who chased me across the entire kingdom. They are here. And so is Talen.

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