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Okay, i'm going ti try actually finish this ine as we all know i'm not the most loyal:(.
This must of started off as a shit year for Ruby, until she became the popular girl. But what will happen when she throws a high school house party and some things go maybe better than planned, also causing it to be worst...
Thanks cx


3. Let the party start...

I sat at home with my straighteners in hand, heating up to the desired temperature. I had 2 hours to get ready. Oh god. I laid my straighteners down on my mat and went to take a quick shower.
Once out i straightened my hair after drying it and backcombed the crown a little... Okay a lot. Sorrynotsorry.
After that, i layed out what i wa to be wearing. It took me a while to pick something out.
As i was, i got a phone call. Holly.
'Hi Holly' i smiled to myself.
'Hey, is it okay if i come get ready at yours? My straighteners have broken and mums annoying me, threatening to kick me out' she sniffled a little so i agreed and she said she was about to set off with her things.
'You could just stay at mine tonight if you want? I mean, i'm pretty sure were all going to be pissed and yeah, my mum wont mind' i added.
She finally said okay and i continued getting ready.
I folded my pe kit and was about to put it away, when i realised there was a small piece of paper in the pocket. I remember now! That guy.
As i took it out and unfolded it, i made out several numbers lined up and a small note.
'Give me a call, your gym clothes are cute;)' was written under the series of numbers.
I grinned big and picked up my phone, dialling the number and pressing the phone to my ear.
'Hello?' A low manly voice came to answer the phone.
'Hi, not sure if you remember me, but i'm the girl from the netball match tonight, you slipped your mobile number into my pocket' i explained.
'I thought you'd never call' he perked up abit.
'I was hoping you'd be able to make a party at mine tonight, its my friends birthday you see' i asked. What was i doing?
'Sure. I have no plans' he replied.
'Great, i'll text you the details'
And with that the call ended. I smiled to myself and looked at the time. 5pm.
I needed to get ready, and fast.
I slipped on a cropped white bralet with a blue bird pattern on, and some new leather trousers, along with a pair of black wedges on my feet.


Holly came around half an hour before Alex and Chelsea were due to get here.
She was straightening her ginger roots like my own blonde hair, and was wearing a plain black skater dress, with some fiery orange heels. She looked beautiful!


The clock came round to 6:15 and Alex rang my doorbell, with a large box of decorations to hang round.
Chelsea appeared a few minutes after, with balloons. Lots of them. She looked really pretty!
She was dressed in a leather black skirt, with a white blouse tucked into the waistband. On her feet she had on some simple black heels, an tying off her look, her brown hair was pin straight.
'You look nice Chelsea!' I exclaimed, examining her from the door.
I stopped her from coming in when she thanked me, and decided there was something to do that would make her look better.
'May i?' I asked, she nodded wearily.
Seeing as though her skirt was resting round her hips, making the skirt go just past her knees, i pulled it up to her stomach area, and tugged at the blouse to make it look more natural. The skirt looked shorter, and also made her look a little bit taller as she wasn't the giraffe of the pack.
'There, thats better' i grinned, moving to let her past.


At 6:50, we had just about finished, and i set out some food and drinks, that my sister had been making, on the kitchen counter. Alex was blowing up the last balloons while Holly was bunching them up and throwing them around, while Chelsea was taping up banners.
The doorbell rang and i rushed to answer it, and a huge pile of people flowed in like water. It didn't take more than an hour for everyone to be cramped in my house, so we pushed the sofas to the sides of the room, to make space for dancing and everything. There were at least 50-70 people here, but i was only looking for one. Anonymous...
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