Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


17. From Nightmare To Dreaming

                                                       I was in my room crying to myself when I heard a knock at my door. I unwillingly got up and answered it. "Hey babe" justin moaned. "Bye Justin" I said tring to close the door but he placed hs foot in the way. "What do you want Justin" I snarled. He walked in the room and grabbed my waist. "Oh I think you know what I want" He began to kiss my neck. I feel so weak compared to him but i continue to struggle with him. He chuckled then let go "i'll see you tommorow" he winked then finally walked out.

                                   The door was about to close when Harry walked in. "You come to chew me out too"  His expression was hard but then it sofened. "No I just want to know what happened why did you break up with him. Why did you break his heart I mean you were everything too him" he gushed about how perfect we were together. "I love him too its just for the best"  I whined. I hate that I broke is heart and I dont need anyone to tell me I did so. I walked over to the bed and sat down, he followed "What do you mean it was for the best" he fiered at me "I-I-I dont know" I whimpered softly. He looked away at me to something on the bed , I followed hiis gaze "whats that"  he asked pointing at the note from justin. I quickly went to grab it so he wouldnt see it "N-n-nothing" I stammered , standing up.

                                                             His expression went back hard "Did I see Justins name on that?"he asked as he got up. His height towered over me "N-no" I started to stutter. I've never ever stuttered this much in my life. He took a step closer to me  "Give me the note" his voice was stern and he had his hand out reaching for the note. "really Harry it's nothing" i said quickly "NEJLA! I know your lying. Now give me the note. Please." he pleaded with me. I stood for a minute just staring into his emerald green eyes trying to decide if I should give up and give him the note or keep argueing. I decided to give up because I knew he would end up getting his way in the long run. He always does when we argue. I handed him the not and his expression finally softend ,but that didnt last long as read the not he seemed to have gotten angrier and angrier by every word. HIs eyes met mine again "Now I'm only gonna ask this once. What secrete?" he was shaking. I want to tell him so bad but if Jusitn finds out,, I cant imagian what thing he has in his mind. "Um well he has been kind of been harrassing me" I told him about everything Justin did. "Why didnt you say something?!" He yelled "I was scared I still am....anyways you have an interveiw so you need to go" i said pushing him out the door but he stopped . "well now that I know why you can come with us."

                                                            "No. Harry I'm not ready to face Zayn just yet.. just say I got sick or something'' with that he stormed out of my suite. Oh God I have to tell him not to tell anyone, espeacially Justin. Too Late, he was by the door and heard everything.  "Um.... Hey Justin." I said cooly. He strode into my room "So I guess somone doesnt know what secrete means." he smirked and was rubbing his hands together.

                                                           "I dont know what you mean" I backed away slowly. He closed the door then put the lock on it. "I think you do. I told you not to say anything and you did. And now you must suffer the consequences", he bit his lip and moved closer to me "J-Justin dont do anything your gonna regret" I pleaded with him. He placed a finger one my lips "sshh. I wont" he bit my ear then pushed me against the wall. His body was pressed against mine. "Please dont" I struggled toget him off of me "Dont worry you wont dissapoint"  he started to pull off my t-shirt while kissing my neck.

                      His kisses trailed down to my stomach then came up to my breast. I struggled with him as he tried to remove my bra but he got it off eventually. "Please" i begged. He didnt answer this time. He puck me up as i struggled , I wasnt even fazing him. I tried screaming but he placed one hand over my mouth. Apperently he had be planning this because he pulled a roll of duck tape out of his pocket then placed a strip of it unto my mouth. He then taped my hands to the bed frame. "I'm gonna enjoy this" he smirked. Tears made their way through my eyes as he removed my pants and underwear. He took a finger and stuck it in me. I tried to scream but it was muffeled by the tape. He stuck in other then another. He took his fingers out then unzipped his pants.

               He placed himself at my entrance then entered. He started thrusting immeadietly getting faster and faster. My lower half was soar. Really soar.

                                       All of a sudden I heard the door open."Nejla. Its Zayn Haryy told me what happened" he called I started to make as much noise as I could through the tape. Justin quickly pulled out then he slapped me. "Bitch"

                         I saw Zayn run around the coner through my tears. He stared at me then Justin. " I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!" he shouted as he ran to Justin. HIs hands were tightly gripped around his neck. I guess the guy heard because they came running in. Liam and Niall helped me get the tape off and dressed again while Louis and Harry pulled Zayn of Justin, who had a smirk on his face clearly enjoying this. Zayn yanked free of them and ran to me. As soon as he grabbed me I broke down again "Sshh. Its gonna be ok " he soothed me as the guys took Justin out the room.

                                I hope Its over.

                                                                       "I love you" I cried

                                                                                          "I love you too" he whispered

                                                                                      "Take me back please?" I asked hopeful

                                                                                                   "And I'll never let you go" he kissed my forehead then rocked me sleep singing songs in my ear. I fell asleep in his arms like I always did when i'm sad. I feel safe again. But not for Justin ,but I can worry tomorrow I want to enjoy this. I dont think i've ever been closer to him. I love this kid. while I slept Zayn was the only thing on my mind.

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