Anything For Love

im seventeen year old and my name is Nejla and ive just been signed by simon cowell after winning xfactor and im going on tour with one direction and justin bieber but thing arent excatly how i thought it would be.


3. Flirt

                           When we got off the plane we got our bags and went to the hotel, then we all decided to go see a movie.

          As soon as we all walked a load of girls came running towards us. This willl really take some getting used too. Me and Sammie tried to mave out of the way, but i got pushed and fell in the mud. Eww gross. "Oh my god! Nejla are you ok!?!" Sammie yelled running back to me. "I'm fine but lets go inside im covered in mud now." I complained.

       I was really emberessed so i ran inside up to my suite with my head down the whole time. After I put on some clean clothes I heard a knock at the door. "Can you get that?" i called to Sammie. She said yeah. I heard another knock followed by a hello. "I'm coming" she yelled. I heard her open then door. "Zayn? what are you doing here?" she asked, and i think i heard a little bit of attitude. "Yeah-um Justin wants you, and.......I need to talk to Nejla.". He dragged his words a little.

                I dont know what he could possibly want to talk about we talked the whole time when we sat together on the plane and on the ride to the hotel. Im not mad though, I actually like him alot, and it doesnt feel like a crush it feels as if I have known him forever.

       Suddenly nervous I looked in the mirror to make sure i look good. "ok"  Sammie giggled breaking me from my daydream then the door shut. I gave myself one more look in the mirror "Zayn, are you still there?" i called still looking in the mirror. "yeah". I took a deep breath, and walked out. I was stunned once again by him. His dark brown hair, his cheek bones looked as if they were carved from stone, and those perfect brown eyes. My heart melted, hes perfect.

           "Hey". Zayn said kind of shyly, and snapping me back to reality. "Whats up" i asked walking to the couch to sit with Zayn. He looked at his hands " Whats wrong" i asked. He looked staight ahead " I dont know how to say this" he looked back down. I plaed my hand under his chin, lifting his head up so he would look at me " you can tell me". He looked into my eyes "oh-my-god." his eyes got wider. Embarresed I covered my face with my hand "what?".

      I felt his warm hands grab mine pulling them away from my face. " Nothing its". I pulled my hands away and turned my face not wanting him to see that i'm blushing. " ha ha very funny" I Joked. I stood up and so did he. "No really you are." I took a step trying to walk towards the door ,but instead tripped over my feet and began to fall when he caught me me with one arm. I looked into his eyes "you really are beautiful" I smiled then he leaned in and i me him halfway until our lips met.

          He kissed me softly and passionatly then pulled away.

  "soooo" he dragged then continued by getting down one knee. He pulled a ring pop out of his pocket ,and took the plastic off. "Will you be my girlfriend" he asked with a smirk. " ummm no."

I told him trying to hide my grin "What?" his smile fell I kissed his cheek " I'm just kidding i would love to be your girlfriend". He smiled and took my hand "lets got share the news".

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