1D imagine

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10. Liam Imagine



You were always bullied and no one talked to you until one day things changed...


You sat in home room already ready for the day to end. So far you have been shoved in a trash can someone pushed you and make fun of your glasses. You are a beutiful girl under the glasses and braces, people just didn't give you a chance. 

"Mind if i sit here?"

A briths accent asked you. You loked up and saw the cutest boy in school, Liam Payne pointing to a seat beside you.

"Erm uh, sure."

You said blushing.  A few mean girl noticed and began to spat out,

"Why sit whit a loser like (Y/N)" and

"Eww!! Li-boo come sit with me."

You sighed and looked down tears welling up in your eyes. Liam noticed and pat your back, 

"Hey, love don't let them get to you. I think your gorgeous."

You looked up at him,

"No.. i'm not."

"And what makes you think thant?!"

Hes said scooting closer to you.

"Well," you started, "I have braces and big glasses and everyone hates on me calls me four eyes."

Liam sighed, "Well that's what makes you beutiful and i wont let those little things slip out of my mouth, because its you, its you, its you they add up to."

You blushed and smiled. You were about to thank him when the bell rang dismissing you guys already. You got up and some mean girl pushed you down causing youf stuff to go flying everywhere.

"HEY!" Liam shouted. "LEAVE MY GIRL ALONE!"

You gasped and so did the mean snooty girls. Mumbles like,

"did he just call HER HIS girl!?"

You blushed and looked down.

"Wh-what (Y/E/N) (your enemy's name)" said.

Liam tapped his foot and crossed his arms, "You heard me."

And whit that the mean girl scattered out of the room shocked.

"Th-thanks,"    you started "but...you didn't have to lie to them to save me." 

Liam looked at you confused but bent down to help get your papers up, "I didn't lie to them."

You looked up at him and you eyes met, "I really mean it...I want you to be my girl, So (Y/N) will you be my lovely girlfriend?"  He smiled and winked at you. You blushed. "Of course." He smiled and lightly kissed your nose and helped you and your papers up. He put the papers in your bag for you and grabbed your hand and you guys walked to the next period hand in hand.




Ariza K.Amanda  


ps:i made this beause i relize i dont have any liam and zayn imagine, so stay tune for the zayn imagine ok folks! :)

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