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9. For chelseatomlinson12

chelsea pov

I can' believe it. I'm pregnant,i dot know that i should be happy or upset. I just cunfuse, but no matter what happened i need to tell louis,even tough maybe MAYBE he will leave me.

"babe i'm home,where are you?"
"in the bedroom"
"there you are,we have a date remember?"
"ofcourse,but i need to tell you something"
"ok then what it is"
"im pregnant"

After i say that his face was blank, i cant read his facial expression. But what he did next was suprise me, he kneeled and have a ring in one hand and say.

"chelsea jade smith ( sorry if its not your middle and last name) i love you and only you, after i saw you at ice cream polar i know you're the one for me. So will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive?"

you burst in tears and say.

"yes louis yea i marry you. wait are you do this because im pregnant?

he blush and say "em... no i wanna do it tonight at or date but you tell me you pregnant so i think this is the perfect moment so yeah"

You just smile at him and he smile back at you. After that moment you know he will never leave you, you guys married after the baby born and live happily ever after.

by:Ariza K.Amanda

ps.sorry if you dont like it, dont forget to like the story if you really really like it :)
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